Everything about Aina Simon that you need to know

by in Fashion Influencer, Lifestyle Influencer, Model Influencer January 18, 2019

Aina simon influencer

If you are looking for fashion model, I highly recommend to follow Aina Simon, nice, beautiful and simple girl about 20s from Barcelona – Spain.

Instagram Page of Aina Simon

If you check her Instagram page, you will get the result that she is a fashion model. Therefore, some features of herself will be noticed and talked in the following sections.

Aina Simon’s style

Mostly she appears with long brown hair.
She is a fan of black or white shoes! As I have checked some photos, all of them were with these colors!
I guess she loves the striped fabric, as I see.
There is no special photo of her relationship so it might be good idea to have a try! Just kidding.
And also, most of the photos has been taken while she has a little smile that somehow she wants to show her white teeth too!

Aina Simon’s website

Before I dive into check the site written on the Instagram page, I suppose I will see a clothing store!

As you can see, I’m in the right direction, online shopping exactly of Aina Simon!


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