Alejandra Treviño Age, Bio, Facts

by in Model Influencer June 29, 2019
Alejandra Treviño Age, Bio, Facts

Alejandra Treviño Age, Bio, Facts

Alejandra Treviño


The Mexican Instagram model and social media influencer Alejandra Treviño was born on October 23, 1988, in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico. Her Zodiac sign is Scorpio. She is popular for her fashion and fitness related photos on her Instagram page, under the name of aletrevino95.


Alejandra’s Road to Fame

Alejandra, who is now a fitness influencer, used to suffer from anemia and weigh only 45 kilograms (99 Ibs) with a height of 173 cm (5 feet 6 inches). Her health was seriously at risk because of malnutrition. Her other compelling reason which urged her actually make a change was breaking up with her ex-boyfriend. Alejandra’s ex-boyfriend broke her heart by his disapproval and negative comments about her body.

After she broke up with her ex-boyfriend, instead of sinking into a deep depression, as many girls do, she decided to make a change. Once and for all, she used her strength of mind to revolutionize her lifestyle and live a healthier and happier life. Therefore, she began to exercise and improve her diet. She also started posting photos of herself on social media.

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Alejandra’s Transformation

At first, she was absolutely underweight. In an interview, she said that most of the comments under her social media selfies were negative, advising her to “eat a sandwich” as she was “very thin.” However, she gradually gained muscles and formed her body. She followed her dreams with strong determination and resolution, and she was highly rewarded. Alejandra transformed her body to the extent that instead of being advised to eat a sandwich, she was then being asked for her diet.

Alejandra has studied in Advertising Marketing. Therefore, she knew the tricks to expand her popularity within a short period of time. As a result, she soon launched her own app and website with dieting and workout programs ( Regarding her before and after photos, she was instantly recognized among fitness girls on social media. She has said that her greatest inspiration is Jen Selter, an American social media star, and fitness model.


Alejandra’s Social Media Career and Modeling

Alejandra posted her first gym selfie in May 2014. Now, she is a fitness instructor with more than 3 million Instagram followers. She is also active on Twitter and has more than 96,500 Twitter followers. She is active on all her social media accounts with the name of aletrevino95. Alejandra is very communicative with her fans and wants to help people have a happy life like hers.

For shooting those great Instagram photos, Alejandra follows a restricted but balanced diet and a routine workout program. Other than having a toned physique, Alejandra’s face is also really stunning with black hair and brown eyes. When a model becomes exponentially famous with such a great body, companies want her to promote their products and the Internet offers her an endless set of opportunities.

Privileged with remarkable body curves, she regularly does fitness modeling and collaborates with various companies. She also featured on Periódico METRO in 2017. Regarding her online activities, we estimate that her net worth is around one million dollars.



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