Brianna Maphis Age, Bio, Fact

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Brianna Maphis Age, Bio, Fact

Brianna Maphis Age, Bio, Fact

Brianna Maphis biography

She was born on December 23,1997, in Florida, United States. Brianna is 21 years old. She is actually an Instagram star, influencer and she is an actress as well.


She is famously become popular on social media particularly on Instagram. At first she earned huge fame and a number of followers as the girlfriend of  American actor Chandler Riggs who has been famous for his acting in the walking dead . she is also popular for her role in Alice in Wonderland.

Before reputation

At school she was appeared in a stage production of Alice in wonderland Jr.

She had a regular life before she met Riggs.

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She created a Tumblr blog page that is called Dirty Euphoria. She has over 10,000 followers on her private account. Brianna has an account on Twitter.

Her snapchat photographs are rather popular among her followers.


Personal life

She met Chandler Riggs on a cruise ship. They started dating in the beginning of August in 2015 , but they recently broke up ,because she moved on her past relationship. She has started dating Dylan Kislin since 2017 . Brianna studied at Florida state university. She was raised with her younger sisters named Alexa and Ava. Her father’s name is Rob Maphis .

Associated with

She met her ex on a cruise ship and recognized him and asked for a selfie and they dated in a short time.


People say that her mother, Suzanne is struggling with cancer. She has light brown eyes and dyed blonde hair .

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