Bruna Rangel Lima Age, Bio, Fact

by in Model Influencer May 21, 2019
Bruna Rangel Lima Age, Bio, Fact

Bruna Rangel Lima Age, Bio, Fact

Bruna Rangel Lima

The Brazilian fitness model and photo blogger, Bruna Rangel Lima, was born on March 2, 1996 in Espirito Santo, Brazil. Also known as xoobruno, she is an amazing supermodel and social media celebrity especially on Instagram. The birth sign of the gorgeous Brazilian fitness guru and personal trainer is Pisces. Her shining beauty is indebted to her Brazilian and Italian ancestors. Bruna Lima moved to the United States and was raised in South Florida, where she currently resides.

Before Becoming a Model

Bruna never planned to become a fitness model as such. She always regarded weight lifting as a hobby and nothing serious at the beginning. Nevertheless, she started receiving positive comments about her amazing curves and muscles while she was working at the bar in her local gym. Seeing how well-shaped her body was, people encouraged her to give modeling a try. At first, she considered these comments as nice and kind, but later on she started thinking about how capable she could be in becoming an actual fitness model. Bruna took her chances in the modeling industry and soon was welcomed with thousands of modeling agencies and fans.

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Her Training and Dieting

Bruna Lima is a fantastic looking model with outstanding muscles especially in her lower body. Her amazing glute muscles are the results of years of doing cardio, weightlifting, stretching, and other exercises. Bruna has been working on her body and its every group of muscles step by step and day by day. The outcomes of her hard work have been gradual but absolutely successful.

The hot Brazilian model is careful in both the quality and quantity of the amount of food she takes and also how well she sweats the extra amount out. She eats 4 to 6 small meals each day in order to boost her metabolism, increase her energy, and lay emphasis on the effects of her workout sessions. Bruna does not restrict any type of food. She eats everything from healthy protein and healthy fats to slow carbs. However, she controls the portions and tries to have them varied and balanced.

She also follows a hard and regular workout plan, while she usually works more on her lower body during the gym sessions. Bruna’s favorite exercises are mostly Smith machine squats, lunges, hyper-extensions, hack squats, hip thrusts, glute kickbacks, and jump squats. All these exercises gave her an astonishing body by which she has paved her path in both the modeling and social media industries.

Bruna on Social Media Pages

Bruna Lima is among the most famous fitness girls on Instagram. A great deal of her fame comes from her selfies (butt selfies), a selfie from one’s butts which Kim Kardashian first introduced. Her selfies are popular to the extent that people know her as the queen of selfies! With body measurements of 90-60-90 cm (36-24-36 inches), she is also considered to have the best body among the Instagram stars. Her Instagram page has more than 2 and a half million followers.

A lot of Burna’s social media posts include her training videos which motivate people to have a good physical condition and a healthy lifestyle like those of hers. Weight and height of her fantastic body are 115 – 125 lbs (52.2 – 56.7kg) and 5’5″ (165cm). Therefore, it is not surprising that each of her photos and videos receives thousands of likes, views, and comments, as in most of them she shares some tips or routines with which she maintains her great and desirable body shape.


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