Clara Felicia Lindblom Age, Bio, Fact

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Clara Felicia Lindblom Age, Bio, Fact

Clara Felicia Lindblom Age, Bio, Fact

Clara Felicia Lindblom

The Swedish fitness model, bikini competitor, and Instagram influencer, Clara Felicia Lindblom, was born on Monday, January 10, 1994, in Sweden. Her birth sign is Capricorn. Clara is a successful trainer and a model for brands such as Workout Empire and Lounge Underwear. She is famous for her toned body. Important rules in Clara’s life are doing exercise, keeping her body fit, and following a healthy lifestyle. A great deal of her social media fame is indebted to sharing these rules and goals through photos and videos online.


Before Becoming a Fitness Model

Not much is known about how Clara spent her childhood or what her education is about. However, it is known that she lived in Stockholm, Sweden, for a few years, and then moved to Sollentuna in east central Sweden – although, she currently resides in Stockholm. She attended high school at St. Eriks gymnasium.

Similarly, not much is known about how she became interested in fitness training. Nevertheless, her Instagram posts demonstrate how hard she keeps working to maintain her strong and well-shaped physique.


Clara’s Professional Life

In order to preserve her muscles and keep her body lean, Clara employs a structured plan of workout and dieting. Her plan includes cardio, weightlifting and strength training as well as healthy eating and drinking. In addition, she never forgets the role of deep sleep in making and recovering muscles and promoting body health.

Clara has goals and wishes in her life and makes a lot of effort in order to make them come true. She is a patient and consistent hard worker who goes after her dreams slowly but surely. Among her future ambitions are providing a career in bikini competitions as well as acquiring more followers and fans on her Instagram.


Clara on Social Media

Clara is among the most successful and wealthy fitness girls on Instagram. She already has more than 1.6 million Instagram followers, for whom she mostly models fitness brands and poses in different locations to show her amazing curvy body. She also has a Facebook page with the address she has linked in her Instagram bio.

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Her Work Out Plans

Her workout plan consists of heavy compound movements along with isolation exercises. Clara usually begins her daily workout with a number of light sets of an exercise she enjoys the most. She uses the trick in order to warm her muscles up and get prepared for heavier and harder sets and a higher number of weights during her workout. After finishing up her warm-up exercise, she does not directly go for lifting weights. But, she tries to have a few stretching exercises in order to make sure that her body is fully ready for heavier weights. Only after then, her actual working sets begin.

For instance, if today is her leg day, she first selects a few sets of body weight squats, with no extra weight, in order to warm up her leg muscles in general. Whenever she feels the warmth of energy and blood in her legs, she goes for barbell squats and then gradually increase the weight.


What She Does When She Has No Time for the Gym

We all have busy days in our lives, and so does Clara. However, she never skips any training session no matter how busy her life gets. In case she has not enough time to attend a gym, she does a body weight training session at home. While she cannot use heavy weights at home, she hardly decreases the intensity of her training session. She keeps repeating a set of exercise for many times up until her muscles get hurt. In doing so, Clara makes up for the extra weight she does not have at home. Moreover, she decreases the rest time she takes between her sets during her home training in order to surge the intensity of her training.

For instance, her home leg training session consists of more than 30 repetitions of body weight squats in each set. She takes a brief break and then goes for another 30 times squat. Her high rep sets “pump” her legs and keep their muscles shaping without even using any weights.

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Her Dieting Plan

In order to have a muscular but lean body, mere exercise is not enough. Clara follows a strict diet, makes sacrifices and suppresses her desires for a lot of her favourite foods in order to maintain the curves in her body. Clara’s diet is enriched with complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, and lean proteins. Her main food sources include fish, brown rice, nuts, olive oil, avocados, pumpkin seeds, quinoa, sweet potatoes, plant protein sources, lean poultry meat, ground beef, whey protein supplement, and sometimes some flax seeds (as an Omega 3 fatty acid source). Also every now and then, she has a few slices of wheat bread but not many.


Other Trivia

Not much is known about her romantic relationships. However, there are other trivia known about her life and her collaborations with other people and agencies. For examples, in April 2016, she was featured on various magazines including the one in the “Fit Girl Friday.” Moreover, in June 2016, Clara worked with PJ Braun and Kaitlyn in making their YouTube series “Brains & Braun.”


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