Do You Want To Be An Influencer In Fashion? We Will Do That For You!

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Do You Want To Be An Influencer In Fashion? We Will Do That For You!

Do You Want To Be An Influencer In Fashion? We Will Do That For You!

So you have suddenly decided to become a fashion influencer? or maybe it wasn’t sudden and you have spent a lot of time thinking it over? It doesn’t matter. What made you think about becoming a fashion influencer in the first place? Was it the way fashion infuencers look on their social media? Or the concept that being an influencer is easy? Of course it seems easy, all they do is taking pictures with products from famous brands or traveling to adventurous places with the money that others send for them.

But the truth is that influencers in any category put a lot of time and energy in taking their pictures, because when they take a picture, they have to consider many different factors so their picture would look appealing and attract people toward their specific product. So there are a lot of things going on behind the scene. And now we are here to help you become a top fashion influencer.

Who Are Fashion Influencers?

Basically influencers are personalities that have a large number of followers on their social media, the same goes for fashion influencers too. Fashion influencers are people who have a large number of followers on their social media and they can influence their followers through their pictures or their blogs. Brands endorse fashion influencrs to have adventurous trips, or introduce a product on their pages, or try to talk about advantages and disadvantages of a specific product.

But if these brands pay fashion influencers it is called sponsorship and when they are introducing a product they have to also name the brand or company that has sponsored them. So basically influencers can change the idea of their audience about everything, from what kind of clothing they buy, to where they travel and what they eat, how they decorate their houses and what type of life they want to have.

The more followers fashion influencers have, the more recognized they are, but this is not the only factor. Another factor which can be even more important is the engagement from their followers. When a brand wants to work with a fashion influencer they look at the engagement they have with their audience. Fashion influencers can work with any platfrom from Instagram to Twitter to Facebook and YouTube, they can even be a fashion influencer just by blogging, they don’t even need photos.

Top 10 Fashion Influencers

Here we have listed top 10 fashion influencers whom gathered popularity by talking about different products and expressing their ideas:
1- Danielle Bernstein: 1.7 million followers on Instagram
2- Julia Engel: Started blogging in 2011
3- Chiara Ferragni: Her fashion blog, The Blonde Salad, was launch in 2009
4- Gabi Gregg: she started blogging in 2008 but went viral in 2012
5- Jenn Im: her YouTube channels, Clothes Encounter, was launch in 2010
6- Susanna Lau: she launched her blog, Style Bubble in 2006
7- Nicolette Mason: she launched apparel line Premme with her fellow influencer Gabi Gregg in 2017
8- Leandra Medine: she launched her blog, Man Repeller in 2010
9- Aimee Song: started her fashion blog, Song of Style in 2008
10- Bryan Yambao: he started his blog way back in 2004

How Would We Help You To Become A Fashion Influencer?

Now that you have enough information about fashion influencers, let’s get into making you a fashion influencer. In our website Influencer-Dic we don’t just write content about influencers in different categories but we also intend to turn you into an influenncer. Our website is a growing website that introduces different influencer from micro-influencers to middle influencers and to macro-influencers, what we do is we publish a content about you and we introduce you in it detail by detail so people start noticing you. This process isn’t long and it takes 5 simple steps:

1- Send Us Your Biography

In order to publish a good content about you, we need you to write us a biography about yourself, but how should you write it? People are going to follow you if they know you better and they can make a connection with you, so write us everything, write us about your interests, your abilities, your education, your family and you can even tell us your weaknesses.

You want to be a fashion influences and start effecting people choices so write about all your favorite stuff, What is your favorite brand of clothing and how you dress, Where is your favorite place to chill, what is your favorite food and how does your diet go, what kind of sports are you into, what makeup brands you use more and many many other specific details about yourself that attracts the reader to follow you.

For example if you are writing about your education, you should write it in four or five lines or one paragraph which is around 100 characters, so you should write your biography paragraph by paragraph and in each paragraph talk about one specific detail of your life. Your biography shouldn’t b less that 750 characters and if it has more than 2000 characters then it is perfect. Don’t worry if you think you can’t write your paragraph without errors, we have the bests editors here and they can edit your essay and remove all the errors so you can have a perfect biography.

2- Send Us Your Photos

Besides your biography we need a few photos from you, send us 3 to 4 pictures of yourself, and try to choose the ones that are good and they show a different side of you from other influencers, choose pictures that would talk to your audience and tell them your life story, why? Because your life story is what makes you different from other, otherwise they wouldn’t be interested in you and you wouldn’t become the influencer you want to be. If you think choosing the right pictures is a hard job to do, don’t worry, we could pick your best photos from your social media, which gets us to the third step.

3- Choose Your Platform

It is very important for you to know what platform or platforms you want to do your activities in. Is it Instagram? YouTube? LinkedIn? Twitter? or is it Snapchat? In your biography which you have told your audience all about yourself, you have to also mention what are your social media platforms and tell them about your choice, tell them an attractive memory that you had with those social media platforms and tell them how they effected your life. You also need to list your platforms separately and send them to us and tel us your real reasons about why you have chosen those social media platforms and what results are you expecting from your activities.

4-  Your Payment

Our specialists in our team would consider many factors before notifying you of the price. The factors would include what social medias you are active in, how many followers you currently have, what content you are uploading, how many pictures or videos or content you have uploaded and many other factors. But estimating your payment is’t the only thing our experts do they also predict the future of your accounts and estimate your net worth for you and would tell you how much money you,ll be making in near future.

5- Publishing Your Content

After you send us everything and you write your detailed biography with some of your best photos and sending them to us, it’s time we uploaded it. We publish you content and then based on how good your content is, your content viewers differ but the more viewers you have on your content, the more people visit your social media accounts and the more people start following you.
Right now you can send us all your information and needed details and start becoming an influencer.


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