Everything About Jordyn Woods That You Need To Know

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Everything About Jordyn Woods That You Need To Know

Everything About Jordyn Woods That You Need To Know

Jordyn Woods

Who is She?

Jordyn started her modelling career through working for Ford Modelling Agency, when she was only 6 years old. She started her social media activities until the age of 13 and then after moving to Calabasas, she met and became best friend for Kylie Jenner, her same-age American reality television personality, entrepreneur, supermodel, socialite, and social media celebrity. Jordyn is now known as a plus-size model and a significant character on Instagram, Twitter and Vine.

Where is She from?

Jordyn Woods was born on the 23rd of September 1997 in Los Angeles, California to a mother who is a photographer and talent/brand manager for the Woods Marketing Group, the family’s business, and a father who was a television sound engineer, and a younger sister who is an artist, JWoodzYX. Jordyn had a close and strong bond with her father who loved her most. Sadly, Jordyn had to lose him in 2017 after his short struggle with cancer.

Everything About Jordyn Woods That You Need To Know

Everything About Jordyn Woods That You Need To Know

How Did She Grab the Attention of Cameras?

The story of her fame started with uploading six-second Vine videos about her lifestyle. She was tempted to continue and win more fame on the Internet. Therefore, she created her Instagram account. Her specific-style and voluptuous body brought her millions of likes, comments, views, and followers. As a consequence, modeling agencies, such as Wilhelmina International, started signing contracts with her as one of the most in-demand plus-size models in the fashion industry.

Everything About Jordyn Woods That You Need To Know

Everything About Jordyn Woods That You Need To Know

What Made Her Successful?

Her unconscious admiration and love for her own body just the way it was happened to be a role model for her followers and fans to love themselves and their physical structures the way they are. She went on posing and also talking about her body highlighting her self-acceptance.

Her attempts in making people, especially women, love their bodies the way they are brought her the ambassadorship of a stylish and popular clothing line, Lovesick, whose purpose is to make plus-size women love their body and wear dresses made for them. The young curvy girl has been appeared on a reality show, named Keeping up with the Kardashians, and also was a major member of the crew in Life of Kylie, in another reality TV show.

She launched a street style activewear line, which also includes plus-size women, in August 2018. The clothing line, which was named SECNDNTURE, achieved massive success. Other than that, she made a fortune by signing contracts with fashion brands and also from her social media activities. Recently, she has also been cooperating with her best friend, Kylie, in beauty collections which can make her a mint. Her net worth is estimated to be $5 million.

Everything About Jordyn Woods That You Need To Know

Everything About Jordyn Woods That You Need To Know

Will Jordyn be Ever Forgiven for Being Deceitful Those Who Trusted Her?

Kylie gave Jordyn a Mercedes Benz AMG GLE 63 Coupe for her birthday. However, Jordyn recently proved to be able to sometimes act foolish. In 17 February 2019, Khloé Kardashian’s partner, Tristan Thompson, cheated on Khloé by having a night with Jordyn. Jordyn is one of the very few non-blood but trusted relatives in the Kardashian’s family. Thompson, who had also previously cheated on Khloé, is the father of Khloé’s 10-month-old child.

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Allegedly, Jordyn and Tristan attended a Drake concert together. Then, they had an intimate house party together, where things went wrong. Jordyn was deeply regretful for what happened between her and Tristan. She tried to contact Khloé and Kylie to apologize many times, having her lame excuse on heavy drinking at that night. However, it is conversely reported by guests that she was completely mindful of what was going on during the party. At the party, everyone was asked to put their phones away, which probably means that Woods wanted to have a private party. Also, it is rumored that Jordyn drove herself home from the party, which would not have happened if she was heavily drunk to the extent that she did not know what was happening. Her narrative of the night in question is also changing each time she tells it.

Rest Of The Story

Kim, Kourtney, and Khloé Kardashians unfollowed Kylie and Tristan immediately after the scandal revelation. Tabloids says that her modeling career is terribly in danger as her shots for Khloé’s Good American denim line deleted from the Net and her collaborations with the Kardashians canceled. The tabloid news website, TMZ, speculated that for her the business is probably over for good. More painful for Jordyn is her terminated friendship with Kylie, who is recently posting photos and videos of herself with other friends and family members, apparently happy and uncaring about Jordyn.

TMZ, however, said that although the Kardashian’s trio, Kim, Kourtney, and Khloé, will never forgive Jordyn, Kylie might try to have her life-long and extraordinarily close friend of hers back home, the reunion of one of the most exciting Instagram friendships ever. Jordyn used to be Kylie’s roommate. People also say that Kylie used to pay for most of Jordyn’s life, including buying her a luxurious car, as mentioned above. Jordyn moved back to her mother’s house, while it is still unclear if she voluntarily left or had to move out.

Despite all rumors, Jordyn posted her first Instagram advertising photo after the drama, announcing her appearance in London with her mother/manager, Elizabeth Woods, in order to sign a number of new contracts. After London, the model will have a trip to Middle East, Dubai, to have her skydive in the desert.

Everything About Jordyn Woods That You Need To Know

Everything About Jordyn Woods That You Need To Know

Other Trivia

Jordyn collaborated with the brand Addition Elle in releasing a unique collection. She helped Kylie to conceal her pregnancy for months and then became a babysitter for Kylie’s little daughter, Stormi. The super-size model with nine small and delicate tattoos on her body watches sophisticated Netflix documentaries such as What the Health. She is a friend of Jaden Smith’s; people say that Jaden introduced Jordyn to Kylie.

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