Goar Avetisyan Age, Bio, Facts

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Goar Avetisyan Age, Bio, Facts

Goar Avetisyan Age, Bio, Facts

Goar Avetisyan


Armenian makeup artist and instructor Goar Avetisyan was born on July 4, 1993, in Martuni, Armenia. Her lucky Zodiac sign is Cancer. She has gained a great deal of attention by uploading fantastic before and after photos and videos on Instagram, depicting her art. She is also the founder of one of the most popular makeup schools in Russia.


Early Years

A year after Goar was born, her family moved to Moscow, Russia, where she grew up. Goar learned piano during her childhood in Russia. She was also a studious student at school, with great marks while she was also an active participant in most of the school’s events and performances. Goar continued her studies in the field of economy at the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.

However, from the early teenage years, Goar was always interested in anything related to cosmetics. Similar to most other girls, Goar was constantly in front of a mirror, coloring her face with her mother’s lipsticks, eye shadows, and mascara. In an interview, she admitted that could indulge herself doing makeup on her face for long hours.


Goar’s Passion for Makeup

Although she was studying economy, nothing could interest her as much as cosmetics and makeup. Goars’ hobby was doing makeup for her friends with unusual and inventive makeup options which could transform her friends’ faces. Soon, all the girls in the Academy knew about Goar’s talent. They started signing up to the new makeup artist in advance. This turned Goar’s hobby into a major profession. Goar even had to skip her classes in order to be able to do another bridal makeup – in which she was an expert – for her friends.


Finding Her Way of Life

Goar took makeup courses in a makeup studio in Moscow and got a makeup certificate. She attended makeup classes while she was already a professional. In an interview, she said that working without a certification seemed wrong, although she knew almost every makeup trick. Goar’s excellent taste, sense of style, and artistic talent helped her in soon becoming one of the most sought-after makeup artists both in the country and also all over the world. Goar’s secret to such great popularity is simple: love what you do, as Goar admits. She advises novice makeup artists to work for free at first and learn all that can be learned without taking money. She tells her fans about the usefulness of all the hours she spent doing makeup for her friends.

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Goar’s Syle

Goar is a master of incredible transformations through makeup. Goar’s favorite style is bright eye makeup, clear contouring, and mandatory false eyelashes. This type of makeup is mostly popular with oriental beauties, yet not unpopular among European girls. Although her greatest inspiration is Samer Khuzami, a Lebanese makeup artist, she states that she does not like to copy other people and always wants to have her own handwriting in makeup.

She has a great and unique taste of style; however, she never imposes her ideas on her clients. Once, she said in an interview that if a bride asks a makeup artist to make her lips brightly red, her eyes crimson, and give her a brick tint blush, the makeup artist can only delicately share her opinion, but in no case should insist on anything and criticize the customer’s taste. She calls this the professional ethics.

Establishment of a Makeup Studio

In 2012, a new phase began in Goar’s professional life. She started instructing her own makeup courses. In an interview, she said that the first time was difficult and stressful because as a makeup teacher she had to think through the process organization, the material, and how to teach people what she could do. At first, she was a shy teacher in front of her students. However, she gradually overcame her emotions and became one of the most popular makeup teachers in the country.

These days, her school is super busy and interested people should wait for vacant positions and enroll for her school’s courses beforehand. Some of her classes are instructed by a number of her previous students, who are talented and have been trained for years. Goar also attends in different events and lectures for makeup interested people in different cities and countries. She is also consciously expanding her makeup school with master classes and an increasingly great number of students.


Goar on Social Media

She is an internationally famous makeup artist on social media. Goar has nearly 6 million followers her on Instagram, and her Instagram posts receive thousands of likes and comments. She often posts videos on her morning makeup. She also has more than 230,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel. Moreover, Goar has a website on which she regularly uploads news and future plans of her career.

Goar has a great sense of humor, which she mixes with self-criticism and makes fun contents on social media. She constantly makes fun of her own imperfections and teaches her followers how to correctly distinguish advantageous features of their beauty as well as hiding what they do not like about their faces, both with the help of cosmetics.


Goar’s Romantic Life

Goar was in a long-time romantic relationship, which is said to have been broken up just before the couple’s wedding. Goar prefers not to talk about that relationship in details. However, it is said that Goar had been friends with a man named Vaik Martirosyan for a long time before ending her relationship with her previous lover. Vaik later said that he was in love with Goar all the years she was in another relationship, but never wanted to ruin her life.

After Goar’s break up with her previous lover, Vaik proposed to her and they started dating each other. The couple’s relationship ended in marriage. Their marriage ceremony was held in Armenia, the home country of both the bride and the groom. Goar has said that Vaik is an ideal and supportive husband and their marriage life is absolutely happy.


Other Trivia

Goar’s art has been featured on various popular media outlets such as Pop Sugar and The Daily Mail. She has also collaborated with Huda Kattan, her fellow makeup artist, in her YouTube channel. In 2018, Goar helped a woman, named Irina Pavlutskaya, look much better for at least one day. Irina has a rare skin disease, called neurocutaneous melanosis, for which she was abandoned by her parents when she was a baby. Her skin is covered in moles from head to toe. Goar offered Irina a mole-free face skin through makeup. Goar posted photos and videos in which she depicts her art on Irina’s face, a beautiful face which becomes even more adorable with a big and sweet smile after she watches herself in the mirror. Irina’s video on Goar’s Instagram page has been viewed more than a million times.


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