How To Become an Influencer? How Much Money They Make?

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How To Become an Influencer?

In order to answer this question, there are prior questions to it that you need to know their answers first. For example, who is an influencer? In what categories you can become an influencer? Do you want to become a blogger or an influencer? How much are you going to get paid? Who are the most famous influencers and how did they get there? Do you need an strategy? And what strategy plan you need to have to be successful? Today in our website, Influencer-dictionary we are going to answer all the above questions and also tell you all about influencers and how to become one. So be with us and share our website and have a lovely day.

Who Are Influencers?

If you’re here and you’re reading this content it means you want to be an influencer, specifically a lifestyle influencer, so you know who influencers are and what they do. But in order to male thing clearer for the you, we are going to tell you a bit more about influencers. Influencers are normal people like me and you but what they do for a living is different.

Unlike celebrities who only introduce their own products, influencers use different products and tell their followers the advantages and disadvantages of a product with complete honesty, so people trust advertisements coming from influencers more than the ones coming from celebrities. You can become an influencr when your follower base grows more than an specific number. But except for nfluener we also got micro-influencers which are smaller ones, micro-influencers have less than 100,000 followers on their social media but they are growing. So remember before you can become an influencer, you’ll be a micro-influencer.

You have asked us about how to gain followers in this topic How Did These Fashion Influencers Gain So Many Followers? we have explained the answer to you completely and also brought you some examples.

What Categories Do We Have?

So you want to become an influencer, but what kind of an influencer you want to be? In what category do you want to be active? You have many options upon choosing your category, you’ve got travel, shopping, modeling, makeup, lifestyle, health, fitness, fashion, business, adventure and acting categories. But how can you choose? well choosing your suitable category to become an influencer in it, depends on two conditions.

One, in what category are you an expert or have a lot of experience to share with people? Two, what are people more into in your era and what do they need that they can’t find anywhere? You should be producing content that people are seeking and no one is offering them. When you find the answer to these two conditions, it is time you chose your suitable category.

Blogger Or Influencer?

Both bloggers and influencers have common traits, but they also have some differences in their purpose. Their common trait is that they both can influence people but it is by different means and their difference is that bloggers are people who basically write articles or share their experience on a blog and they may have a smaller audience in comparison to influencers.

we can also name a person who has a blog or an Instagram and posts regularly a blogger but since they don’t influence other people, they’re not called influencers. Bloggers blog on blog platforms such as wordpress or blogspot. whereas, influencers are the people who have the power to influence other poeple’s ideas and even change them. Influencers use different platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and blog. Also influencers have a larger audience than blogger. So bloggers can be influencers if they influence their audience and influencers can be bloggers if they use blog platforms to influence people. Which one do you want to be?

How Much Do Influencers Make?

How Much Do Influencers Make?

How Much Do Influencers Make?

Being an influencer and getting into influence marketing is very new so there no specific amount of money that we can say you receive for sure. There are no specific rates upon how much money inflencers make per photo or after they gain particular number of followers. Brands and Companies that deal with influence marketing are also don’t know how to fit this method pf payment into their old methods of working. But according to the newest report about how much an influencer on their platform makes we reached the result below:

1- Instagram: They charge 1000 dollars per 100,000 followers.

2- Snapchat: They start charging 500 dollars per campaign for 24 hours.

3- YouTube: They roughly charge 2000 dollars per 100,000 followers.

But these numbers aren’t the precise numbers and you can always an an influencer bargain over the price of product you want to advertise. Who is the person who makes most money out of advertisements? It’s Kim Kardashian. Kim charges 250,000 dollars per photo to advertise a simple product.

The payment that brand and companies involved with influence marketing offer you differ depending on many facts; such as number of followers you have, the amount of engagement your posts garner with your audience, the number of posts they want from you, The type of post and whether it is video, photo or others, The amount of effort you have to put into designing the post and where the ad will be promoted? is going to be only on your latform or are they going to post it on other platforms as well? Also the amount of money they offer you depends on what kind of influencer you are, are you a micro-influencer? A middle power influencer? Or are you a macro-influencer?

Most Famous Influencers On Instagram

Most Famous Influencers On Instagram

Most Famous Influencers On Instagram

In this list that we have provided most famous influencers on Instagram for you, we didn’t include people who have gained fame off the net but we have introduced people who are considered influential people only on social media. This is our top 25 most influential people on Instagram:

1- Huda Kattan: Huda has 28 million followers and her genre is beauty. You can also see her sister, Mona Kattan here.

2- Cameron Dallas: Cameron has 19 million followers and he’s an Internet personality.

3- Zach King: Zach has has 19 million followers and he’s an Internet personality.

4- Michelle Lewin: Michelle has 12 million followers and her genre is fitness.

5- Nash Grier: Nash has 10 million followers and he’s an Internet personality.

6- Chiara Frragni: Chiara has 9 million followers and her genre is fashion.

7- Nikki De Jager: Nikki has 7 million followers and her genre is beauty.

8- Jake Paul: Jake has 7 million followers and he’s an Internet personality.

9- Kayla Itsines: Kayla has 7 million followers and her genre is fitness.

10- Camila Coelho: Camila has 6 million followers and her genre is beauty.

11- Mariano Di Vaio: Mariano has 5 million followers and his genre is fashion.

12- Jay Alvarrez: Jay has 5million followers and his genre is adventure travel.

13- Joanna Gaines: Joanna has 4 million followers and her genre is renovations/designs.

14- Murad Osmann: Murad has 4 million followers and his genre is photography.

15- Julie Sarinana: Julie has 4 million followers and her genre is fashion and lifestyle.

16- Marcus Butler: Marcus has 3 million followers and he’s an Internet personality.

17- Chris Burkard: Chris has 2 million followers and his genre is nature photography.

18- Dr. Mike Varshavski: Dr. Mike has 2 million followers and his genre is medical.

19- Tai Lopez: Tai has 2 million followers and his genre is entrepreneurship/motivation.

20- Emily Skye: Emily has 2 million followers and her genre is fitness.

21- James Charles: James has 2 million followers and his genre is beauty.

22- Joe Wicks: Joe has 1 million followers and his genre is fitness.

23- Ingrid Nilson: Ingrid has 1 million followers and her genre is beauty.

24- Louis Cole: Louis has 1 million followers and his genre is travel and adventure.

25- Meghan Rienks: Meghan has 1 million followers and her genre is food and life.

We hope our list would be helpful to yo and if you want to read more about each influencer introduced in our list, wait for our next contents in wsich we introduce them one by one with full details about their business and how they become so famous.

Becoming An Influencer Step By Step

of course if you want to become an influencer you need some type of method and guidance to tell you what to do or what strategies to use . In this part we are going to tell you all about how to become an influencer in 9 easy steps. Hope you enjoy it and it is helpful for you.

1- Find your niche

As everybody would tell you, you need to find a specific niche for yourself, something that you are passionate about and also have a great deal of knowledge about it. Your niche is better to be new, something not everybody is doing, something that people need and yet not so many people are offering. Influencer marketing is such a new market and there are still a lot of opportunities for you to reach what you want. You just have to find your own corner of influence marketing and offer it to your audience and people with all your passion. There are tools that notify you of people’s needs, challenges, wants and goals. You can find your niche easier if you use some of these tools and apps.

2- Choose your social media

You have to decide in what social media you want to create your channel and share your content. Most influencers use Instagram as their channel because they have a lot of view and they can get their results sooner. Right now 93% of social media influencers focus their content on Instagram. Instagram is one of the best platforms to start your content with but it doesn’t mean that it is going to stay the same in the following years and the conditions might change. Here we are introducing top platforms that influencers use:

  • Instagram   74%
  • Facebook   16.5%
  • Snapchat    3.6%
  • Twitter       1.9%
  • YouTube    1.7%
  • Pinterest     1.5%

Based on your niche and who your audience is you have to choose a social media platform to share your content, and you have to pay attention to the fact that your content can be great content in one platform and attract plenty of followers or it can be inappropriate in another platform and fail you. So you have to choose your platform wisely.

3- A strategy for your content

The format and quality of your content is very important, it is so important that it will affect on whether you success or fail. This is just like usual marketing, if your content format and quality is good then more people want to see it or want to have it and it’ll help you become a bigger influencer but if your quality isn’t good enough, it’ll drown you faster.

Another important fact is the balance in your content, you don’t want to share a lo of “you” with your audience and also you don’t want to share nothing about “you” with your audience, so be careful about the balance between informative and personal content. Your audience is there to see you but they also want you to introduce them good things you are using because they trust your opinion, and that is your power. So keep the balance and don’t make your platform only about “you”, engage with your audience and make them engage with you.

4- Distribution of your content

You need to make your audience to engage with you, otherwise even if your content is great but no one is seeing it or enjoying it then what’s the point? So timing really matters when you want to post a content and you want your audience to see it and engage with it, your timing must differ based on what social media you use to share your content.

There are tools you can use to see when is the best time to post a content on most famous social media platforms. Each social media has specific limitations and guidelines you must be familiar with and you have to post your content based on them so you wouldn’t get banned on your platforms. Also remember not all of your followers are using a desktop, the average individual spends three hour on their phone and 80% of that time is on social media, so remember your content must be as attractive on phones as it is on desktops.

5- Growth of your network

You need to have a fan base which is not in your social media, and you should start with blogging. Create your own website and publish your content there and invite your followers to your website, so that you can also have a fan base along side your fans in your social media platform. But what good comes out of it? Imagine you suddenly post something and your social media platform bans your or something goes wrong and your social media stops working, you will loose all your data along side al your followers. All your efforts during many years will be gone, but by blogging you can have all your data that you have published some where safe and you can keep your audience, no matter what happens to your platform.

6- Engagement With Your Followers

You should engage your followers, this way your followers would understand that you care about them and you listen to them and also they ideas are valuable to you, but how to engage them? They mostly leave you comments or likes and they tell you what you should do next or they challenge you, notice their comments and answer their questions, appreciate them for their good feedback and do their challenges. Of course there are always some bad comments and bad feedback but as an influencer you need to learn how to ignore those comments and feedback.

7- Evaluation Of  Your Progress

his step is very important for you, because as a growing influencer you might want to work with big brands that have a hand in influencer marketing and you should be completely informed of every detail of your social media status. There are specific tools your social media platform is suggesting you to use. You can beinformed of your rate in  your followers, their growth speed and the amount of engagement  you receive. You should use these rates, diagrams and demographics. It also let you know what format attracts more people toward your channel.

8- Stay Up To Date

If you use social media a lot, you should know that companies update their social media app very recently. They also update their posting terms and policies. You should keep yourself updated and pay attention to new policies and terms in each update. As long as you know the terms and publish your content based on the terms, there are no dangerous. You also need to learn how to work with the diagrams and analytics to keep your account data update. This is useful when you want to sign a contract with big brand that are active in influencer marketing.

9- Be Consistent

The last step of your journey which is as important as the rest is consistency. Becoming an influencer might take a lot of time. But you have to stay consistent and upload your photos or publish your content in regular timing. Why? Because your followers want you to update them about different goods daily and they want to see your content consistently. So if you stop or slow down they might lose interest  in you and stop watching or following your content. There are tools that you can use to post your content on precise timing every day.

Do You Want To Become An Influencer?

If you believe you can become an influencer in these categories,

  • Adventure Influencer
  • Business Influencer
  • Fashion Influencer
  • Fitness Influencer
  • Health Influencer
  • Lifestyle Influencer
  • Makeup Influencer
  • Model Influencer
  • Other Influencers
  • Shopping Influencer
  • Travel Influencer


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