IamSanna Bio, Age, Facts

by in Lifestyle Influencer May 19, 2019
IamSanna Bio, Age, Facts

IamSanna Bio, Age, Facts



Sanna was born on May 16, 1998, in Norway. She is multilingual and can speak English, Swedish, Norwegian, French, Spanish, and a little bit of Dutch. Sanna was 6 years old when she, along with her family, moved to Spain. She wishes to settle in Sweden in the future. Sanna often travels to the Netherlands.

If Sanna ever has to quit ‘YouTube,’ she would love to devote her time to some charitable purpose, such as working for the homeless, children, or animals. Sanna was still in school when she stepped into the ‘YouTube’ arena. Her ‘YouTube’ channel, ‘iamSanna,’ was initially a vlogging space. The first video she posted was a Christmas vlog. She later began to post challenges, pranks, DIY projects, and other entertaining content. Sanna would often watch ‘YouTube’ videos before, but due to her hectic schedule, she cannot devote much time to watching videos anymore. IamSanna has made a career as an internet personality, vlogger, and YouTuber.

About family:

No information about her family.

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1- Sanna is of Swedish descent.

2- Sanna is very committed to her boyfriend.

3- IamSanna is currently dating Jelle Van Vucht .

4- She always features her boyfriend in her videos

5- Her content is composed of gaming videos, challenges, tags, vlogs, life updates and other interesting content.


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