Isa Vegas Bio, Age, Facts

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Isa Vegas

Today in our website, Influencer-dic, we want to tell you all about this famous model and Instagram star, Isa Vegas. You can read about her biography, social media, net worth, family life and more in our content. Hope you enjoy and share us with your friends, have a nice day!

Isa Vegas Biography

Isa was born on 1, December, 1996 and by 2019 she is 22 years old. She was born in Argentina and grew up there. While she had the chance to move to America or other countries, she decided to remain in her own country and become famous there. Isa is a model and Instagram star who is recognized for her modeling pictures and her beautiful body. She is also a fitness expert and gives people programs to loose weight or create their favorite body.

Isa Vegas Social Media

She launched her Instagram page in March, 2016 and soon gained many followers. Now in 2019, she has over 3 million followers from all around the world. Except for Instagram, she also has Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and also a website. But she is most active on her Instagram and Twitter. Isa posts her daily life or workout videos on her YouTube channel, and has over 1 million subscribers who follow her and learn from her.She also has the most popularity on Instagram even tho she launched her Twitter page earlier than her Instagram.

Isa Vegas Website

She created her own profile website and calls it VIP. What she means is that, her followers who are signed up in her website, are her VIP followers. In addition  to being called VIP, they can also enjoy private content such as special workout videos or specific daily vlogs that her other followers are not able to see. Furthermore Isa sells her VIP weight lost programs in her website.

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Isa Vegas Association

She has many associations and the most recognized one is when she posted a photo of her and Jen Selter on her Instagram in July 2017. After she posted their mutual photo a large number of people started following her and recognized her from Jen Instagram page. She has also posted other photos with more famous people. You can go straight to her Instagram page if you clink on the address we have given you in our table at the end of this article.

Isa Vegas Trivia Facts

  1. She is known for posting colored themed photos as a model.
  2. Her zodiac sing is Sagittarius.
  3. Isa posted her photo in March of 2016.
  4. Isa is also known for earning management and representation of Culturah Television.
  5. Her net worth is estimated around 100K-1M approximately.
  6. Isa’s main source of income is from modeling on Instagram.
  7. She posted a picture with famous Jon Selter on her Instagram.
  8. Her ethnicity is Argentinian and she grew up there.
  9. She owns a dog and her dog’s name is Max.
  10. Her boyfriend is called Jose Teran.


Isa Vegas In One Look

In the table below we have gathered all the information that you need to know, hope you enjoy!

Birthday 1, December, 1996
Age 22
Birth Place Argentina
Profession Model, Instagram star, Fitness trainer
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Ethnicity Argentinian
Net Worth 100K-1M

Isa Vegas Social Media In One Look

In the table below we have gathered all the information that you need to know about Isa Vegas social media, hope you enjoy!

Instagram @issavegas
Facebook @issavegas1
YouTube Issa Vegas
Twitter @issavegas

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