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If you’ve spent only 5 minutes in Pinterest and have seen the pictures, you probably have seen photos from Jay Cho and if you have not heard his name yet, have you ever used the internet? As a graphic designer, jay cho started working on the Oh Joy blog, which was something really innovative. He has attractive and innovative ideas that has made Pinterest the most Fallour, and now has more than 13 million Failovers. His Instagram account also has more than 420,000 Floods, and features photos of his designs and works that are appealing to his flavors. He has a degree in communication design, he is also the author of best-selling books and has written three books so far.

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I love and support Baby2Baby here in Los Angeles. They provide diapers, clothes and basic necessities for families in need. In addition to helping other kids and families, it also helps to teach my children about the importance of helping those less fortunate and focusing on what is important.

He has a growing YouTube channel that designs a variety of products and provides advice to large corporations and businesses.

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Jay cho early life

He is known as one of the leading Internet Inflators, and for two years, his name has been named as a creative and influential person on the Internet in Time magazine. He is 34 years old and has two daughters, one of whom is two years old and very lovely, and is called Robbie. Take the picture below from Jay Cho (Queen Pinterest) below.


Jay cho career

He started the Oh Joy blog in 2005, and his intention was merely a project and entertainment. The blog later became a place for marketing and advocacy and product sales. “This blog helped me share my ideas with others,” he says. “I left my second job in New York this year to go to Fili, and now I’m with my spouse and in a new town I was building a blog to share my ideas with others. I began to start offering my blogging services to companies and started collaborating with them. ”

Joy Cho is a DESIGNER, BLOGGER & FOUNDER in LOS ANGELES. She says that: People who’ve achieved their dreams have most likely run after them. They’ve also experienced lots of challenges.

Joy Cho began blogging in 2005 while working as a freelance graphic designer, originally as way to gather inspiration. She has since developed her platform into the design empire, Oh Joy! collaborating with the likes of Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, and most recently, Target. If you don’t follow her already, I highly recommend checking out her Instagram—she wins at social media. I spoke with Joy about how success breeds more responsibility, her advice on pitching to brands, and why running a business sets a good example for her daughters.

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Best advice she has ever been given

When I was first starting out, I had so many worries about if I could make it or if it would all work out. My brother-in-law said to me “Who says you can’t?” and that has always stuck with me. I was my biggest critic, so once I believed in myself, I was better equipped to go out and make it happen.

She said that in the past women have many different problem with balancing take care their children and their job. However nowadays the can do anything with social networks. she continue: In terms of having a family while growing a business, I think there was a time where women had to choose one or the other. But things have changed—particularly because the internet allows you to reach customers and clients in ways you couldn’t prior.

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This blog is now a brand for lifestyle and a design studio that focuses on fashion, food and enjoyable moments of life. This blog presents and offers a wide range of products with a degree of home decor, children, animals and collections of home furnishings. The studio of this blog is located in Los Angeles.

He says about his biggest financial mistake:

“My biggest financial mistake was to start a sales line while I did not have enough money. I started selling the stationery in 2007 through credit cards. At the same time, I and my wife were owed, and this work it was not a good idea, but sales were good, and I was able to pay the debt, but if I could do it differently, I would save more money before the development of the workforce. I really did get people who Looking for your dreams and admiring the words of others for them. ”

“My greatest advice to anyone with any goal is to make your own determination and work with passion. Believe yourself, though it’s hard, but try not to compare yourself to anyone.” Keep going and do not despair. ”



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