Katie LeBlanc Age, Bio, Fact

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Katie LeBlanc Age, Bio, Fact

Katie LeBlanc Age, Bio, Fact

Katie LeBlanc



Being born on July 23,1980, Katie LeBlanc is the creator and manager of two famous Youtube channels called “Acroanna” and “Bratayley”. She originally thought of these channels just to vaunt her kids and show their skills to relatives and friends but soon they gained enormous popularity among a lot of people.

Bratayley was created on December 30, 2010 which has 6.9 million subscribers with 3 billion views as of December 2018.


Family life

She is married to Billy LeBlanc, her current husband. They met each other when Katie was working at Blockbuster video store. Then they became the lucky parents of three famous stars called Caleb, Annie, and Hayley. Katie is not just a domestic mother but the matriarch of her family and their two tremendously popular channels.

Unfortunately she suffers from the demise of her son, Caleb. Sadly he passed away at the age of thirteen because of a heart disorder.

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As a child she was a famous gymnast but now she is an archetype of american mothers who enjoys devoting a lot of time to handle the social media accounts and prepare the contents of their channels. She is not interested in appearing in the videos that they create. She is often behind the camera like her husband Billy and they are seen in front of the camera once in a blue moon. Their children are the backbone of the videos.



After her son passed away, she decided to quit for a while but fortunately she overcame her sorrow. After a short time she got back to work and again became the linchpin of her family’s success.

Katie’s annual income is approximately about $1.2 million from Bratayley channel which is much more than Annie and Hayley channels income which is relatively around $150000 and $29000.




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