Keyshia Kaoir Davis Age, Bio, Fact

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Keyshia Kaoir Davis Age, Bio, Fact

Keyshia Kaoir Davis Age, Bio, Fact

Keyshia Kaoir Davis

The American Jamaican model, actress, stylist, businesswoman, and entrepreneur, Keyshia Dior Watson, or Keyshia Kaoir Davis – also previously known as Keyshia Dior – was born on January 10, 1985, in Kingston, Jamaica. Her lucky birth sign is Capricorn. Keyshia is also the founder of the successful cosmetics company Ka’oir Cosmetics and the CEO of The KA’OIR Cosmetics Brand’. Keyshia is the founder of three different companies: Ka’oir Fitness, Ka’oir Cosmetics, and Ka’oir Hair. She also won as the XXL Magazine Model of 2010.

Keyshia’s Early Years

Keyshia did not spend a happy childhood. Her father was killed when she was a child. Nevertheless, she was always after changing her life’s conditions. Keyshia moved from Kingston, Jamaica to Miami, USA, when she was 17; at the time, she did not know that she was actually taking her first step to fame. She completed her education in the USA and resided in Boca Raton, Florida, for a while.

Keyshia on the Way to Glory

When Keyshia was in the US, she began to work as a stylist for celebrities in Miami. In 2009, she was featured as a jealous ex-wife, named Lisa, in the Drake and Timbaland mini-movie music video for “Say Something.” That was the time she started thinking about modeling. Keyshia was, then, featured in various music videos and magazine covers. Her photos were presented on several national magazines, which ultimately led to winning her the XXL Magazine Model of the Year in 2010.

As a model, she was known as Keyshia Dior, a newly introduced girl to the industry who took every opportunity to improve herself in her career. The beautiful Jamaican model was famous for her smile, her hair and her unique style, including her famous blue lipstick. She, then, started thinking about having her own cosmetic line of brightly colored lipsticks, named after herself Keyshia Dior.

Keyshia’s Splendid Brands

Her career started from presenting an exclusive range of colorful lipsticks and continued gaining success by instant hit lipsticks of KA’OIR Force and S.T.O.P, Pool Party. Among other Keyshia’s famous and successful makeup products are her glitzsticks, nail lacquers, lip gloss, and other makeup accessories.

In 2011, she changed the company’s name from Keyshia Dior to Keyshia Ka’Oir, a brand for which Keyshia is ever since famous for, all over the world. Since she started becoming famous, she has presented in various fashion and beauty events, and has introduced and advertised her products in a variety of ways. These days, people know Keysha as the extraordinary successful founder of KA’OIR Cosmetics Brand, which has been one of the most successful brands since 2011.

During the first year of her cosmetic branding activities, she earned more than a million dollars. Her colorful and qualified makeup products made her makeup brand prominent among others of its type. In addition, she started her own career in the world of personal fitness by selling the Ka’oir Waist Eraser fitness belt. People know her for a variety of product lines related to fields of hair, makeup, and fitness.

Keysha constructed her cosmetic empire on the basis of her fame and fans. Among her followers are popular celebrities including famous musicians, artists, and rappers, such as Trina, Nicole Snooki Polizzi, and Teyana Taylor. She expanded her company by signing contracts with these high profile celebrities for wearing and promoting her products. With all her earning sources, Keyshia is among the wealthiest makeup industry leaders. Her net worth is around 20 million dollars.

Keyshia’s Social Impact and Role

Keyshia spends a great deal of the company’s immense proceeds in order to promote breast cancer awareness and also funding Susan G. Komen Breast Care Foundation. Keyshia and her life have been of great inspiration to young women, specifically black women, in respect of their self-confidence and will power in soldiering through the heartless world of serious businesses and industries. Keyshia also shares her life, her favorite products, and her attitudes towards various issues in her social media accounts. Her Instagram page has more than 5.2 million followers and her Twitter account has more than 552,000 fans.

Keyshia’s Romantic Relationship

Keyshia dated the American rapper Radric Delantic Davis, known as Gucci Mane, for years. While they were still dating each other, Gucci became involved in a legal drama and jury sentenced him to prison. While the Atlanta star was serving his time in prison, Keyshia never lost her love and emotions towards him. After Gucci’s release from prison, Keyshia helped him to deal with reality smoothly. During those days, Gucci could not leave the house for six months and Keyshia was with him all the time.

Her loyalty and support to Gucci in his most troubled days ended up in their engagement with Keyshia’s 25-carat diamond engagement ring. The couple married in October 2017 in an expensive wedding ceremony. They aired their lavish ceremony on BET, so that their fans all over the world could witness it. Ever since, their luxurious life style has been a hot topic on social media.


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