Kim Shantal Age, Bio, Height, Weight, Wiki, Boyfriend, Instagram, Social Media

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Kim Shantal Age, Bio, Height, Weight, Wiki, Boyfriend, Instagram, Social Media

Kim Shantal Age, Bio, Height, Weight, Wiki, Boyfriend, Instagram, Social Media

Kim Shantal

The beautiful, hot, and talented model, dancer, and social media star Kim Shantal, was born on October 30, 1993 in Tijuana, Mexico. She is famous for her funny videos in which she dances skilfully and interacts with other popular YouTube and social media celebrities. Kim is an aide-de-camp, a model who uses his/her physique to sell products. She is also a go-go dancer, a dancing style which is meant to entertain people in nightclubs or bars.

Kim Shantal on Social Media

With millions of followers and subscribers on various social media pages she is truly a Mexican social media icon. Kim Shantal has more than 6.2 million followers on Instagram, where she posts modelling and dancing photos. She also has a Twitter account with more than 80,000 followers. Kim created a YouTube channel on March 12, 2018. people consider her YouTube channel consider her main source of fame since in a short period of time she turned into a YouTube superstar by posting various engaging, amusing, breath-taking, and gripping videos. Her channel has more than 4 million subscribers and her brilliant videos have been viewed for millions of times.

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Kim Shantal as a Significant YouTuber

Her videos range from an interesting hidden camera recorded film in public to a hilarious video in which she inspected and observed different parts of her body, such as his ears and nose, by a microscope. A great number of her startling videos are those in which she has interviewed entertainers including the famous model Ania Gadea, who is also one of Kim’s friends. Together, they are contributors to a famous channel called Badabun. A few of those who follow or subscribe her on social media plus a number of other fellow social media superstars are Kim’s friends.

At the beginning of 2018, Kim Shantal interviewed Carla Navarro, a transsexual man who underwent an operation to become a woman. Carla talked about her physical, mental, and emotional problems and complications during life such as bullying, suffering during the transition, and public lack of knowledge about transsexuality and homosexuality.

Kim’s other popular video is the one she shot with her friend and fellow YouTuber from the Bdabun channel. She entitled the video as “Así tus los tútubers,” and shows different places of her spacious and beautiful house in Tijuana, which she herself describes as “minimalist.”


Kim Shantal Romantic Relationships

She used to date her fellow Instagram star Jaime Malcriado. She has also been in a relationship with her fellow influencer, Jaime Castro, a member of a channel called “Malcriad2TV.” The couple met on Facebook and then started dating but the couple broke up in early 2018 because Kim “could not stand the growing fame of Jamie” and Jamie was “excessively jealous of her.” Nevertheless, their relationship was reconciled at the end of the same years, a reconciliation which made their fans tremendously happy. The couple again started to record a large number of videos in each other’s mutual and fruitful cooperation and collaboration. The videos had controversial nature including those entitled as “kiss challenge,” “24 hours being dads,” “Extreme Challenges” and “Complete interview with my ex.”

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Kim Shantal Other Trivia

Kim’s mother named her after one of the characters of a popular TV show named “Power Rangers.” Kim has twin brothers. She studied Gastronomy at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (the National Autonomous University of Mexico) in Mexico City.

Kim works hard to achieve her dreams. She hopes that one day she has her own restaurant in Playa del Carmen. She has also collaborated with Ryan Hoffman in the “Ruleta” game on Ryan’s YouTube channel.

According to the web page SocialBlade, Kim Shantal receives an average of 170,000 visits each day. Therefore, she earns an income of about $172 to $2,700. Moreover, an analysis shows that she earns $5 an hour, $120 a day, $3,600 a month, and $43,200 a year. She  madea great amount of her income by sponsorship of the brands, clothing lines, shoes, etc. she supports and advertises.

One of her jobs is to promote products using her body. Kim has revealed that in a lot of occasions while she was doing it. She met many men who wanted to bribe her with money to go out with them. She also complained about sexual harassments and insults. Kim Shantal even commented in one of her videos that she defamed by one of her companions.


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