Klailea Bennett Bio, Age, Facts

by in Adventure Influencer May 25, 2019
Klailea Bennett Bio, Age, Facts

Klailea Bennett Bio, Age, Facts

Klailea Bennett


She was born on the 6th of July, 2003, in a city in the USA. She is a member of a famous family. Her channel is titled ‘The Ohana Adventure’. She is an Instagramer and a YouTuber .

About family:

Klai’s father is Jase Bennett. Klai’s mother’s name is Rachel Bennett. She has five siblings who are the participants of the video making business of the family. They are Cora, Rykel, Evelin, Shae, Wyatt. She lives in the USA with her family.

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1- She enjoys travelling.

2- She often plays bowling with her friends.

3- She opened her accounts in 2018


1- She likes flowers.

2- She has a cat.

3- She likes ice-cream


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