Laidy Amelia Labrador Age, Bio, Facts

by in Fashion Influencer September 29, 2019
Laidy Amelia Labrador Age, Bio, Facts

Laidy Amelia Labrador Age, Bio, Facts


Laidy Amelia Labrador

1. who is Laidy Amelia
2. birthplace
3. getting start
4. sport & lifestyle
5. as a model
6. acting
7. in comments

1. Who is Laidy Amelia

Laidy Amilia Labrador, born September 10, is a South American swimwear model and actress.

2. Birthplace

According to what she has posted on her personal account on Instagram, Labrador appears to be a Latin American from Cuba. Wheaty skin, glossy eyes, and also black hair all indicate her Latin origin; however, most of her work has often performed in Miami, Florida, USA.

3. Getting start

Her first Instagram post about starting her job as model was a photo of H&M advertising. Since then, Labrador has contracted with other prestigious brands such as madison beau, bombshell_swimwear, and continued to work with them until it thrives on a business that “makes a difference in people’s lifestyle” as she says.

4. Sport & lifestyle

Laidy Amilia has repeatedly shared her passion for sports with her fans by sharing frequent posts about diving, mountaineering, surfing and also basketball. Also her fascinating professional photos with animals and her daily stories of playing with a leopard baby show her interest in animals. in addition the intrinsic temperament of the South American people in dealing with nature and the forces that “inspire her to continue her quest” is well reflected in her career.

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5. As a model

The names of droit photographers such as Jonathan Red, Anthony pham, Dylan Bonino and Bralendoan North appear in the Amilia’s professional file and artists such as Hassani and Valentina Mafi are in charge of her professional makeup and makeup.

6. Acting

Labrador has starred in a music video called loco enamorado by Abraham Matthews in collaboration with Christian Daniel and Foraco. Also this music video is now visible on the vevo company Instagram page.

7. In comments

The act of Laidy Amelia as a model of swimwear has made her a good subject for the yellow journals. Public judgments about her lifestyle have been such an extent that she has reacted:
“Stop labling poaple just because they are not like you.”

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