Maman Fitcats ( jujufitcats ) Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Wiki, Fitness, Social Media

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Maman Fitcats ( jujufitcats ) Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Wiki, Fitness, Social Media

Maman Fitcats ( jujufitcats ) Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Wiki, Fitness, Social Media

Maman Fitcats

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The “Fitcats” origin

Health Issues


Before fitness


Opinion on a perfect figure

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What we can learn from Maman Fitcats

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Juju Fitcats (also known as Maman Fitcats) is a French fitness model and influencer. She was born on February 4, 1995.

Maman Fitcats Personal life

Maman Fitcats Personal life

Maman Fitcats Personal life

Maman Fitcats Education

She lived in Quebec, Canada for study reason. She attended The Université du Québec à Montréal, UQAM for short which is a public French-language university. She studied the Life and Earth Sciences (SVT) for a while, which is a course in the French Education System, and it is relevant to biology, geology, and related subjects. Then she followed her education in Health biology with a focus on biochemistry and nutrition.

The “Fitcats” origin

When she started her Instagram account, she wanted to make a community of fitness enthusiasts, so she wanted to name her page something that has Fitness in it. Due to her love towards cats and her name being Justine, she came up with the name “Juju Fitcats.”

Maman Fitcats Health Issues

She has suffered from an autoimmune disease called “Vitiligo” since she was 8 years old. “I haven’t had it since I was born, I was diagnosed with vitiligo at the age of 8-9 following a period of stress and depression in my childhood.” She said. According to her, At that time, She was experiencing an emotional shock, more particularly a death.

In Vitiligo disease, due to lack of melanin (the black pigment in skin cells and hairs), hair in the affected area may become white or grey. She said that she would dye her hair before to cover it up. Today, she has learned to embrace and accept her white threads. “For nothing in the world I would like to dye my hair again, I’m much too happy to have it, and I’m too proud, it’s my difference, it’s my particularity.”

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She also suffered from mental health problems like anorexia which we will discuss below.

Maman Fitcats Relationship

Juju is currently in a relationship with a fellow YouTuber, Thibaud Delapart. Also known as Tibo InShape, He is a French blogger and personal trainer, and his Youtube channel has 5.9 million subscribers in February 2019.

During the summer of 2017, Tibo launched a competition titled “Miss Inshape” for fitness enthusiasts, in which his subscribers voted to choose the fittest girl among the participants. Juju participated in the competition and rumors of them being romantically involved begun to appear in July 2017. Tibo confirmed their relationship a few months after the contest. On an Instagram post, Justine stated they were actually in a relationship since July 8, 2017, just days after the final of the “Miss InShape” contest.

Maman Fitcats Before fitness

Before becoming a fitness geek, She was a sound horse rider. She practiced horseback riding for 17 years and even competed at a national level in France.

Maman Fitcats Fitness

She started her fitness journey sometime around 2015. She was insecure and ashamed of her physique and also suffered from anorexia. With two years of hard work, she earned the first place in Natural Fitness Show (NFS for short) in small size bikini model and also won the first place in overall categories in 2017.

‘When I see this picture, I do not recognize myself. The anorexic and insecure Justine of two years ago would never have imagined touching the stands of a bodybuilding competition one day and even less, becoming the overall number one in the bikini category.’ Juju said in a Facebook post.

Definitely, it wasn’t easy for Juju to overcome her physical and mental issues. As you may know, being anorexic while you have a healthy body is probably a psychological effect.

‘The path was long and sometimes painful, but the battle was worth it. Today, I am this strong Justine who is passionate about the environment, sports and the way of life that has led her to challenge her body and soul.’ She stated in a Facebook post.

From the start of her fitness journey, her family and friends were very supportive of her.  ‘Yes, I am fortunate to be able to shout that I am one of those athletes who was supported by their loved ones, whether they understand my passion or not, they are, and they have been there for me, and I know it, they will always be.’ Juju said.

Maman Fitcats Opinion on a perfect figure

Despite her heavy workouts and fitness achievements, she encourages all the girls in the world to embrace their body and not to push themselves too hard to achieve the perfect figure. She posted a picture on Instagram with a very serious caption (unusual for her funny and casual attitude).

“I’m sick of seeing girls identifying the “perfect” physique thought the social media. Do you think that I am perfect? NO, I am not, and nobody is! Photoshop, posture, light, surgeries or even doping products come together to make these “perfect” physiques. But in my opinion, a figure is not perfect until it is utterly IMPERFECT! So, stop wanting to look like models that exist only in pictures. YES, I have big buttocks, big thighs, and yes, they are muscular. I train hard, but I also have this little layer of fat over my body because YES I like to eat .. and that’s why I’m good at training.”

View this post on Instagram

Reality Moment. 🇫🇷 Photos prises à trois minutes d’écart ! DIFFICILE voire très DIFFFICILE de faire un poste comme celui-ci.. et j’ai longtemps hésité, vraiment.. Mais voilà, j’en ai marre de voir des jeunes filles s’identifier à des physiques « parfaits » à travers des réseaux ou même penser que JE suis parfaite, NON, je ne le suis pas et personne ne l’est ! Photoshop, posture, lumière, congestion, chirurgie ou même produits dopants sont à l’origine de ces physiques « parfaits ».. (Pour ma part, une bonne posture et le tour était joué) Mais selon moi, un physique n’est parfait que lorsqu’il est parfaitement IMPARFAIT ! Alors, arrêtez de vouloir ressembler à des physiques qui n’existent qu’en photo ou que grâce à des méthodes que je ne vous recommande pas.. OUI, j’ai de grosses fesses, de grosses cuisses, OUI elles sont musclées et me permettent de m’entraîner dur mais j’ai aussi cette petite couche de gras par dessus qui fait partie de moi parce que OUI j’aime manger.. et c’est grâce à ça que je suis performante à l’entraînement et croyez-moi, je préfère de loin ça à un physique parfait ou plutôt parfaitement ÉPHÉMÈRE ! Merci à ceux qui sont allé au bout de ce post, j’espère que certain(e)s se reconnaîtront ou seront apaisés en lisant ces quelques lignes ! Soyez-vous même car c’est comme cela que Maman Fitcats vous AIME ❤️ #teamfitcats #jujufitcats #teamshape

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Maman Fitcats Social media

Maman Fitcats Instagram

Juju is actually the second most popular fitness influencer in France, after Benji Samat the French fitness personality and reality TV actor. Her partner, Tibo Inshape is 18th in the list. Followers of this beautiful French fitness guru are mostly from France, but she also has 52k followers in the US. She started her Instagram account sometime in November 2015.

Maman Fitcats Youtube

She also has a substantial fan base on Youtube with 1.3 subscribers, as of April 2019. Her most watched video is “INSTAGRAM CONTROLS MY DAY!” or in French “INSTAGRAM CONTRÔLE MA JOURNÉE !” which has been watched for over 5.8 million times, as of April 2019. In the video, she posts a story on Instagram with a voting sticker that her follower must choose what she does in a day.

What we can learn from Maman Fitcats

Suffering from anorexia, Justine started exercising and eating healthy as a way of therapy for her body and mind. in 2 years, she progressed from an insecure and shameful person to a fitness champion and a bikini model. We can learn from her that it is never late to start and change your life, your body, and your mind.

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Justine had only 15K followers on Instagram back in April 2017. Same time next year, She had 700K followers, and now, as of April 2019, she has over 1.2 million followers, just on her Instagram account.

In 2 years, Juju not only build her self-esteem, and a fantastic figure, but also made a career out of it.

Maman Fitcats Other facts

– She has a dreamcatcher tattoo on her back

– she has a cat called ‘ben.’

– Her favorite movie is “Hidalgo” with Viggo Mortensen and Omar Sharif.


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