Neiva Mara Age, Height, Weight, Bio, Wiki, Net Worth, Family, Instagram

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Neiva Mara Age, Height, Weight, Bio, Wiki, Net Worth, Family, Instagram

Neiva Mara Age, Height, Weight, Bio, Wiki, Net Worth, Family, Instagram

Neiva Mara

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Neiva Mara is a Spanish Instagram personality and fitness model. She attained a lot of recognition for her curvy body, more so her buttocks and glutes. If you take a brief look on her Instagram,  you’ll find out that she is all about the glutes (like 9 out of 10 of her pictures are from behind, some of them of her wearing a sexy outfit). Neiva was born in Valencia, Spain and currently resides there.

She began to go viral thanks to the fact that some of her fans in the social network thought she was a teacher, teaching in sexy camouflage leggings. She became famous as “the hottest teacher in the world.” Though she is not a teacher who teaches with a blackboard, she is a fitness instructor.

Neiva Mara  Fitness

Mara began her fitness journey in 2015 after feeling unhappy with her figure and the way she looked. Neiva gradually started to notice the progress in the way she looked, and the way she felt After seriously committing to her fitness goals. She recorded this progress by taking pictures of her self and posting it on Instagram which was the beginning of her social media presence.


Neiva Mara Before

Within only two years (2015 to 2017), Neiva completely changed her physique, and with it, her entire life. She lost 8 kg fat and gained 4 kg of muscle. Nevia is now a world-famous fitness model inspiring 2.2 million of her fans on Instagram to keep their dreams alive.

She participated in Arnold Classic Europe fitness competition in 2017 in the bikini category and won the 2nd place. It was her second time signing up for ACE.

She has also funded an online fitness instruction platform called “Deporlovers” which offers workout and nutrition plan. According to Deporlovers Instagram page, over 10,000 people train with their program.

Neiva Mara Training

Neiva Mara Cardio and Lower body

It’s obvious to see Neiva likes to keep herself in shape. She manages this by using various types of training methods such as body weight, cardio, and resistance weight training. Her favorite exercises include lunges, squats, and hamstring kickbacks for her legs.

As for cardio, Nevia likes to jog, walking on the beach, or do interval jumping to help her keep her weight down.

Neiva Mara Cardio and Lower body

Neiva Mara Cardio and Lower body

Neiva Mara Nutrition

As for Mara’s diet, she likes to focus on eating several small meals in a day loaded with healthy clean proteins such as grilled chicken breast, egg whites, and fish.

For crabs, Neiva will eat mostly complex carbs. Though, she eats simple carbohydrates from time to time throughout her exercises to help with muscle repair and energy.

Some healthy fats the Mara prefers to eat are mainly seeds, nuts, avocados, and olive oil.

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Neiva Mara  Criticism

There are comments about Nieva which criticize her of overcharging her private Snapchat account. People claim that contents which come along with her basic subscription fee, with 20 US dollars per month, are nothing more than her Instagram page. She also has a premium plan (60$ monthly) which you can chat with her over Snapchat. Some fans also claim that although her VIP Snapchat contents are categorized as adult-content, they are not what she advertises.


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