Rachel Hollis Age, Bio, Height, Weight, Husband, Instagram, Social Media

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Rachel Hollis Age, Bio, Height, Weight, Husband, Instagram, Social Media

Rachel Hollis Age, Bio, Height, Weight, Husband, Instagram, Social Media

Rachel Hollis

The American author, TV personality, motivational speaker, podcast host, CEO and CCO of her inspirational company, social media influencer, vblogger, and mother of four, Rachel Hollis, was born on January 9, 1983, in Weedpatch, California, the United States. Rachel is the author of the best-seller book “Girl Wash Your Face,” and has changed many people’s lives around the world.

Rachel’s Journey to Fame, from Deprivation to Glory

Rachel’s grandparents were cotton pickers and had six children to feed. Rachel grew up in a big and loud family with a father who was a Pentecostal minister and a mother who was a church pianist. She grew up poor and her clothes which were always bought from the thrift store never fit her. Her parents were always arguing over everything but most of all economic matters. Their unhappy marriage finally ended up in separation.

Rachel went to live with her mother in a very small and old apartment. Her childhood was interwoven with disaster and misery, but she always had big dreams in mind. She knew that someday she would become very rich that she could buy and do whatever she wanted. After high school graduation, Rachel moved to Los Angeles to go to college. In LA, she found a job at the Miramax Company, where she began thinking about having a company of her own.

Rachel Hollis Company

Rachel Hollis founded an event planning company named Chic Events. She is now credited as the founder and CEO of Chic Media which mainly provides digital contents for women. Rachel Hollis tries her best to empower and energize women to grab control of their own lives, be courageous to establish their own business, and follow their dreams no matter how big these dreams are. Rachel Hollis is ranked as one of the “Top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30.” She is known as “the Tonny Robbins for Women.”

She has also worked with the world’s best brands such as Walmart, Disney Junior, Sprint, JCPenney, Rubbermaid, and Keurig in order to create innovative and exciting lifestyle contents for the Chic Media. Rachel regularly contributes to HuffPost and PopSugar. She also featured on many programs including “The Rachael Ray Show”, “The Talk”, and “Extra.”

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Rachel Hollis as an Author

Rachel Hollis started her writing with books such as the bestselling series named Girl Series which include Party Girl, Sweet Girl and Smart Girl. She has also written a cookbook, Upscale Downhome. Although these books did not turn out to be much of a success, she never stopped writing and she never gave up. Eventually, her efforts gave rise to a best seller.

In February 2018, she wrote an inspiring book called “Girl, Wash Your Face.” The book rated among the top 10 best selling books in the United States for seven months in a row – it was at the very top for 12 weeks – and more than 880,000 copies of it sold in a few months in the US. The book also ranked as the second most popular book of 2018 on the Amazon website. It is described as “memoir, motivational tips, Bible quotations and common-sense girl talk” by The Washington Post. The book summarized into a few words quoted from its author: “You, and only you, are ultimately responsible for how happy you are.”

Each chapter of “Girl Wash Your Face” starts with a special lie she once believed about the ugliness and unworthiness of herself, her body, and her relationships. Throughout the book, she speaks with kindness and honesty asking the readers to stop thinking about such monstrous lies. She asks from other women to work on their self-confidence, awaken their own passion and determination, and always keep moving forward despite all obstacles. Rachel states that personal development is the realization that life is a process of making oneself better or worse compared to the current self.

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Rachel Hollis as a Social Media Star

She populated her social media when she shared an IG photo of herself in bikini, adoring her body stretch marks. In the photo’s caption, she called them “not scars” but “stripes” that ladies “earn” and they should “flaunt” their bodies with “pride.” The photo’s courage and honesty gained millions of views and admiration. Her tips and advice on social media are not new or innovative; she goes with very simple but practical tips such as unfollowing people or deleting applications that make the person sad.

Rach regularly posts motivational and inspiring videos on her YouTube channel which has more than 108,000 subscribers. She is also famous on other social networks. Her Twitter has more than 52,000 followers, and her Instagram has more than one million and three thousand followers from all over the world.

Rachel Hollis as a Wife and a Mother

Rachel Hollis as a Wife and a Mother

While she was working at Miramax, she met her love of life, David. David was funny and handsome and soon became her best friend and later her husband. Rachel Hollis happily married and has four children. The family currently lives in Los Angeles and spend their free time going to soccer practice and going to restaurants. Her sons are Jackson, Ford, and Sawyer. Other information is on her official website, http://thechicsite.com.

Other than leading a happy life, Rachel and dave team up with each other at their family company The Hollis Co. However, their marital and occupational relationship were not always as perfect. The couple had a few disagreements over a number of problems at a stage of their marital life. When everything was falling apart, Rachel could manage to save her marriage only by practicing what she preached.


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