Ranty Maria Age, Height, Weight, Family, Bio, Wiki, Education, Instagram

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Ranty Maria Age, Height, Weight, Family, Bio, Wiki, Education, Instagram

Ranty Maria Age, Height, Weight, Family, Bio, Wiki, Education, Instagram

Ranty Maria

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Ranty Maria is an Indonesian actress and Instagram personality who was born in Jakarta on April 26, 1999. Starring in the Indonesian soap opera series “7 Manusia Harimau” brought her a lot of popularity. As she is a social media sensation and a well-known actress in Indonesia with over 4.8 followers on Instagram, there isn’t much info on her in English. So we decided to do a complete biography on Ranty. Let’s see what makes her unique and where the fame is coming from.


Ranty Maria Personal life

Ranty Maria is half Korean and half Indonesian. Her father, Lee Ki Young, came from Korea And her mother, Joanita Kariso, is from Manado, Indonesia. Ranty was born in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. She is the second child of a family of 5 children. She can speak Korean as well as Indonesian.

Ranty has a solid bond with her father and frequently shares pictures of him and herself on Instagram.


Even though Ranty’s mom has given birth to 5 children, this Mrs still captures the eyes. Standing beside her daughters, it’s just like she is the older sisters, rather than their mother.


Ranty has one brother, Kevin, and three sisters, Riska, Rania, and Queen.

Maria possess a natural beauty which has been with her since childhood.

Ranty is Christian. A true believer who participate in religious gathering and shares her favorite quotes of the bible on her Instagram page.

Ranty Maria Education

Because of her busy acting schedule, Ranty couldn’t attend class regularly. Eventually, she had to choose to homeschool so that her education and career would continue to go hand in hand. After high school, Ranty plans to go to college and study International Relations. This is based on her desire to become a diplomat.

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Ranty Maria Affairs

Ranty started dating Indonesian actor, Ammar Zoni, sometime in 2015.

The couple first met at the scene of the Indonesian soap opera “7 Manusia Harimau” in 2014. In the TV series, Ranty Maria acted as Ratna, and Ammar Zoni played his part as a character named Rajo Langit. The gossips about their relationship began around 2015.

During the early days of their relationship, Ranty Maria and Ammar Zoni kept their love story away from the public. Until finally they came out as a couple and began to show their intimacy on social media. Unfortunately, after several years of dating, Ranty and Ammar broke up, a decision which shocked their fans. Because during when they were dating, there weren’t any hazy gossips about them.

The relationship between the two was reportedly ended after Ammar Zoni stumbled on a drug problem in July 2017. Ammar Zoni was arrested because of the possession of 4 grams of marijuana on July 7, 2017.

Ranty Maria Career

Ranty Maria Career

Ranty Maria Career

Maria’s mother has made Maria enter acting since she was 7 years old. She played some little parts in a few soap opera shows. Ranty starred in ‘Waiting for the Miracle of Love’ (Indonesian: Menanti Keajaiban Cinta) alongside the famous Indonesian actress and pop star, Chelsea Olivia.

She played a character named Luna in another (of course Indonesian) soap opera called the heart series at the age of 8. Although she had a small role, her performance was outstanding. But the TV show that brought her a lot of popularity was ‘7 Human Tigers’ (Indonesian: 7 Manusia Harimau) in which she played a significant role.

In 2017, she was again trusted to star in the female lead role in another soap opera titled ‘Son of heaven’ (Indonesian: Anak Langit). Ammar Zoni, Ranty’s boyfriend at the time, also played one of the main characters of the show. Maria herself acts as Vika and Ammar serves as Al. The show brought her two Panasonic Gobel Awards nominations two years in a row (2017 and 2018) and one SCTV Awards nomination in 2017.

Ranty Maria and Ammar Zoni also played in the relaunch of ‘7 Manusia Harimau’ in 2016.


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