Rosie McClelland Bio, Age, Facts

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Rosie McClelland Bio, Age, Facts

Rosie McClelland Bio, Age, Facts

Rosie McClelland


Rosie McClelland was born in september 7, 2006 in essex, England. Rosie McClelland is a young and adorable American star and singer, who was born in Essex, England in 2006. Her popularity and fame came to her when she was only five years old. Along with her cousin Sophia Grace Brownlee she made cover versions of Nicki Minaj song ´Super Bass´and Adele´Rolling into Deep´, which spread all over the internet and via social media unbelievably quickly.

About family:

Her father’s name is unknown, due to the fact that all the information about Rosie’s family has been kept in a secret.her mother’s name is Danielle Brownlee. That was Danielle who actually posted that amazingly popular cover of the song which made her daughter so popular.Rosie has a younger brother, named Romeo.

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  1. Rosie is so talented that she also has great writing skills. She her very first book ‘Tea Time with Sophia Grace and Rosie’ published in 2013. As for the second book ‘Show Time with Sophia Grace and Rosie’, she released it in 2014.
  2. She is a great singer, but also Rosie is an actress. She was invited to be a part of such TV Shows as ‘Sam & Cat’ and ‘Sophia Grace & Rosie’s Royal Adventure’.


  1. She is extremely like studying science and electricity at school.
  2. She has a hamster named Princess Fluffy.


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