Steffi Mercie Age, Bio, Fact

by in Lifestyle Influencer May 31, 2019
Steffi Mercie Age, Bio, Fact

Steffi Mercie Age, Bio, Fact

Steffi Mercie biography

She is one of the celebs with the age 15 years old who was born on December 24,2002 in Belgium. She is known as a TIKTOK star.

Career experience

She is one of those famous people whose professions are musically star . She is widely known on media for her steffimercieke  TikTok account where she had shared dance videos and lip-sync content. Steffi competes as a dancer in many competitions and she is popular on the web for her videos. She collected more than 60,000 fans.

Before reputation

She started to earn a number of followers on social media before her popularity.


The prizes were given to her have included a crown as well as marks for top vlogger, style guru ,athlete and talent. Her astrological sign is Capricorn. Capricorn ruling planet is Saturn.

Childhood and personal life

Her father’s name is Rudy Mercie. She was just 14 when she began to earn a following on social media.


Associated with

She uses “stay together” which Noah Cyrus san it on her TikTok video where she is jumping on a trampoline with her friend Hannah.


Her eyes’ color are grey and she has brown hair . she is 6 feet 4 inches. She is popular on both Facebook and Instagram. She was born in the year of horse. The Horse is the seventh of 12-year cycle of animals which appear in the Chinese zodiac related to the Chinese calendar . these people who were born under this sign are enthusiastic and positive.

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