Everything about Miss Steph Zombie that you need to know

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Everything about Miss Steph Zombie that you need to know

Everything about Miss Steph Zombie that you need to know

Everything about Miss Steph Zombie that you need to know

this time we’re gonna talk about the famous Suicide Girls member known as Miss Steph Zombie and her Instagram ID is Stephzombie. She wasn’t as famous as she is now in the beginning of her carrier, tho after a short while through posting exotic pictures she gained more and more followers. And soon she is going to reach one million followers on her Instagram even tho still she has about 200K followers; but her fame is going way too fast for a modal who has started her job in a year or two. And since she is becoming very well-known you dear viewers asked us to share what we know about her with you and we hope you enjoy her as much as her followers do and start looking into her Instagram page.

Everything about Miss Steph Zombie that you need to know
Everything about Miss Steph Zombie that you need to know

About Miss Steph Zombie

she is famous for her exotic hair colors and sexual photos on her Instagram page, different hair colors such as blonde, orange, pink, purple, blue and green. she has plenty of tattoos on her right arm which contains many and many comical tattoos and comical characters. she is an Irish model who currently works for Suicide Girls Instagram and website; she considers herself a gamer, lingerie enthusiast and cosplayer. she has done different make ups from different, well known characters such as Joker, Harley Quinn, D.VA, Cat Woman and etc…


Her Inspired Make Ups

she really loves famous cinematic characters and does many make ups based on those characters on daily basis; among seven days of week she posts at least two or three make up pictures on her Instagram regardless of having done those characters before or not. Based on what can be seen on her Instagram page, we can say her favorite character, for sure is our dear Harley Quinn. Except for this character; she has done Joker, Cat Woman, Pikachu, Anti-Gwenom, Bat Girl, Venom and Darth Talon.

Her love for lingerie

first of all it should be said that Steph maintained her weight through out a really hard diet with daily rough exercises so she can have a body good enough for lingerie. her pictures in lingerie are also another reason that made her famous among her followers and allowed her to join Suicide Girls. she enjoys wearing lingerie as much as she enjoys cosplay; and for this reason she has spiced things up by mixing cosplay into wearing lingerie and has offered her followers what they might have been dreaming about.  


Step Zombie  Competition

since she is one of the hottest model in Suicide Girls, she got plenty of competitors that want to overdo her. coming up in the Suicide Girls Instagram as hard as it is needs lots of talents and afford. and I’m not going to lie to you dear viewers but there are even hotter models with better talents in Suicide Girls, and this fact has actually made it really hard for Steph to be seen. However she is pushing her way through all the difficulties one model can face and now she has more and more followers enjoying her content ever day.



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