Taylor Alesia Age, Bio, Height, Weight, Wiki, Tattoos, Boyfriend, Instagram

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Taylor Alesia Age, Bio, Height, Weight, Wiki, Tattoos, Boyfriend, Instagram

Taylor Alesia Age, Bio, Height, Weight, Wiki, Tattoos, Boyfriend, Instagram

Taylor Alesia

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Taylor Alesia is an American social media star mostly known for her Instagram account. She has over 2.3 million followers on Instagram. Taylor also has a lot of fans on live video streaming platform YouNow and Twitter, with 52.9K and 179K  fans respectively. She has not been active on YouNow for some time now. Besides, Taylor frequently posts lip-synced video songs on TikTok. Taylor has a YouTube channel where she posts her personal videos. Her YouTube channel has over 2.4 million subscribers. Taylor had helped Taylor Caniff, famous social media personality, with merchandise on his RV project tour, a meet & greet tour of the famous Viner.

About Talor Alesia

Taylor is mostly known for her Instagram pictures. Her posts on Twitter and Instagram confirmed her as a social media star. Following that, she has also gained popularity as a TikTok celebrity. While she was on the RV tour with Caniff, she got a lot of publicity and also came up on the news as Canidd’s rumored girlfriend.

Taylor Alesia lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. She was born on 13th of October 1996 and has one sibling, an older sister. Her mother occasionally appears in some of her videos.

Taylor Alesia Online presents beside social media

Taylor Alesia Online presents beside social media

Taylor Alesia Online presents beside social media

She also owns a cosmetic line called Alesia Amorè which produce a perfume called Royal and a set of lipsticks.

She has published a phone game app which is called Tay’s Race for Android and iOs.

Taylor Alesia Health issues

She says that she always struggled with body positivity and had always been bothered by her physique and hated how she looked. Taylor talked about this issue and also the way she dealt with her abusing boyfriend on a video on her Youtube channel titled ‘Surviving My Ex Boyfriend.’ She had a kidney stone and three cysts on her ovaries. She also experienced a jalapeno skin burn which is a severe and common reaction of the skin to the papers. She addressed that moment as the scariest moment of her life and had made a video about it.

Taylor Alesia Social media

Alesia turned to social media when she was 13 years old because she was having difficulty fitting in at school which brought her to search for an outlet. She started live-streaming, and after a while, many were using her photos online for ‘catfishing.’ That brought Taylor to make her own Instagram page, so people knew that was her in the pictures!

This then took her to become an Instagram model with over 400K followers in only a few months!

Social media has been a massive part of Taylor’s life for a long time, and it is something she is sincerely passionate about. Taylor loves filming and taking photos of everything she can get her hands on. But the most important thing to Taylor is the family that she has built on social media across various platforms.

Taylor Alesia Instagram

Taylor Alesia Instagram

Taylor Alesia Instagram

Taylor’s posts on Instagram inspire many of her fans on lifestyle and fashion. She also runs another Instagram account that is devoted to her dog, a Pomeranian-Hoskey hybrid (or Pomsky) named Dunkin.

View this post on Instagram

“Are we at the beach yet?”

A post shared by Dunkin Alesia (@dunkinalesia) on

She shares her experiences on being a dog owner and what comes with it regularly on Youtube as well. Stuff like taking to the hospital and giving him a bath. With Taylor, social media is about sharing day to day life experiences and guess what, it is helpful.

Taylor Alesia Youtube

In general, Taylor tries to be as transparent as possible on her posts. For example, on YouTube, she regularly talks to her fans about incidents from her life in a series of vlogs titled ‘Story Time.’ some of them are pretty interesting.

Taylor Alesia Story Time playlist

On these videos, Taylor talks about some very personal stuff, and it’s great as many may experience those kinds of situations in their life and feel overwhelmed by them, Storytime videos show you that you are not the only person going through them. How she deals with those situations may help you to learn some ways to solve your own problem by using the advice from Taylor or finding out what to avoid.

Like in one of them she talks about a Fiat car which was a gift from his ex-boyfriend, how she feels about it after the break-up, what she is going to fo with it, and stuff like that. It’s a shared experience, not knowing what to do with a gift from your ex so it may help many.


In another Story Time video, she shares her experience of stealing a wheel clamp. The story goes like this, she got a boot on her car and decided to change the clamped wheel with the spare tire she had. She does that and couple of days later, the police call her mother and say that she has stolen a wheel clamp and she has to return it or gets charged with 2,000$. Yeah, don’t try that.


Taylor Alesia Most watched videos

As of April 2019, She has 72 videos which were watched over 1 million times. It’s a remarkable record for a Youtuber with 2.5 m subscribers. Let’s take a look at her most watched videos.


This has been watched over 21 million as of April 2019. It was filmed during the time she was with Tanner Fox, fellow Youtuber. They do a pregnancy prank on Tanner’s mom.


Hickey Prank on Boyfriend

Taylor and Tanner have done a lot of pranks to each other. But this one is hilarious. Taylor painted some fake hickies on her neck, and when Tanner saw them, He went ballistic. Watch it for yourself:



Taylor Alesia Controversies

Taylor Caniff

Her name was brought up on the news when she, her friend, and Vine star explained in an interview via San Diego TV station that they were not in a romantic relationship and that Taylor is not his girlfriend. During Caniff’s RV tour, they traveled around the US for a while and were close to one another.

Fans were speculating about their relationship for some time already, and the interviewers specifically asked him about Taylor Alesia. He, however, insisted that he is single and not dating anyone.

But Taylor, on the other hand, was not satisfied with that interview. She opened up to her followers on social media about her relationship with Caniff and announced that she had evidence of them dating. She later shared a picture of them kissing on a beach on Twitter. The photo was apparently taken a couple of weeks before their tour ended.

According to Taylor, Caniff had promised to keep in touch and to take her with himself to Texas. Yet, she felt neglected as Caniff stopped contacting her, and then she found out that he has taken Ashley Wilson, his ex-girlfriend, to his Texas tour.

Affirming that they weren’t in a romantic relationship ‘officially,’ she also confirmed that for about 8 months, they had been talking on and off. Everything got even worse when Alesia declared that Caniff’s manager and Caniff himself, put her under pressure to keep the relationship a ‘secret.’ But Caniff countered by saying that Taylor Alesia is a fame-seeking trickster. Taylor later announced in a tweet that Caniff had warned to sue her for posting the picture of them kissing.

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Mikey Barone

Alesia was also in a romantic relationship with Mikey Barone, another social media star, though they have broken up. Interestingly, Barone once indirectly said that she is not a nice person.

Grier brothers

Another time Taylor Alesia encounter a controversy was when she stated that YouNow stars Nash Grier and Hayes Grier smoke some unusual cigarettes. She shared a hidden snap of Hayes Grier smoking something on her YouNow live stream. She also posted another photo of Hayes smoking. In response, Hayes Grier tweeted that he does not smoke at all, but later removed the tweet. Even though the entire conflict aroused a controversy, many of their Grier brothers’ fans didn’t see that as much of a problem and criticized Taylor for poorly trying to get some attention. However, later Taylor apologized in a tweet saying that it was not her business to announce anything and that she doesn’t intend any disrespect to Grier brothers.


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