Tianna Gregory Bio, Height, Weight, Wiki, Age, Instagram, Net Worth

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Tianna Gregory Bio, Height, Weight, Wiki, Age, Instagram, Net Worth Tianna Gregory Bio, Height, Weight, Wiki, Age, Instagram, Net Worth

Tianna Gregory Bio, Height, Weight, Wiki, Age, Instagram, Net Worth Tianna Gregory Bio, Height, Weight, Wiki, Age, Instagram, Net Worth

Tianna Gregory

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Noah James



Rise to stardom


TiannaG App

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Other facts:


Tianna Gregory is an American model and Instagram personality. With over 4.5 million followers on Instagram, she has gained global fame as an Instagram model. Thanks to her super gorgeous body, she has done many modeling for famous brands like Adidas and FHM, Fashion magazines, music videos.

Tianna Gregory Personal life

Tianna was born on March 17, 1990, in South Lake Tahoe, California. She is of Spanish, German, and Italian ancestry. Tianna has not revealed any information about her family, but apparently, she has one brother as she mentions him in one of her tweets. There is no further info about her background. Before Tianna starts modeling, she studied for 2 years in college, but finally dropped out and pursued a different direction.

Tianna Gregory Relationships

It was rumored that she was in a relationship with her photographer Van Styles. They were seen together in Paris kissing, which confirmed the rumors of their romantic involvement.

Tianna Gregory Noah James

Noah James is an R&B/Soul Singer known for songs like “Laurel Canyon” and “High Off You.” He has about 400k fans on Spotify with 1 million streams.


The couple started dating around May 2016. Noah announced their engagement in 8th of March, 2019 with a picture of their beautiful engagement ring.


Tianna shared a post on Instagram on March 20, 2019, and announced their engagement. A lovely view of the couple, with Noah on one knee and Tianna, the happiest woman on earth. Noah posted the same image at the same time.



Tianna Gregory Career

Tianna is a model and Instagram personality, mostly recognized as an Instagram model. Tianna’s official Instagram page has around 4.5 million followers. She has also collaborated with many photographers.


Tianna Gregory Beginnings

As we mentioned above, Tianna dropped out of college after two years to pursue a career in modeling. She signed with Melusine Model Management, and it was the beginning. Moving to LA helped Tianna to get in touch with famous photographers.

Gradually she became famous, and once Tianna began sharing pictures on her Instagram page,  reached a new level of reputation. She has taken her career up a notch by becoming a public figure that is dedicated and motivated.

When Tianna first joined Instagram, she didn’t post modeling stuff. It was mostly blogging about what interested her, like her dog, But then she started posting modeling photos in 2013, and since she has used Instagram to further her career.

A strict diet and fitness routine have provided Tianna, not only to better herself but branch out to collaborate with many companies and gain leadership roles.

Tianna Gregory Rise to stardom

Tianna was gradually becoming more popular, which ended up in new deals with high profile brands. She started appearing in catalogs, magazines, while also working with such brands as  Adidas, FHM, Visual Apparel (Van Styles), Civil Clothing, Crooks & Castles, and a lot more, all of which only earned her even more fame. Tianna has been featured in Sports Illustrated.

In 2015 that Tianna rised to stardom when she was chosen to appear in the highly-acclaimed music video for the song “Want to Want Me,” performed by Jason Derulo.

These days she is continually working, modeling, starring in music videos, creating a brand with her own merchandise, and hosting. She always somehow makes time to answer her millions of fans over her social media pages and at events. She aims to keep inspiring and continue to grow herself.


Tianna Gregory NEWD

Tianna and her friends, Chrissy Poon, started a clothing line, focused on sportswear including sports bras and leggings. The company is called NEWD.

“As owners, we would want to make sure our buyers never underestimate their power and ability to achieve their goals and their strength to love themselves as they are. We believe our NEWD Family can create motivation to reach their potential, to challenge themselves, and to treasure every moment that they use to better who they are and to enjoy their journey.” Tianna and Crissy said.


TiannaG App

TiannaG app is Tianna’s official app that is available for Ios and Android.  The app is an exclusive look into her life with a lot of unique content including fitness workouts, before/after progress photos, food recipes, behind-the-scenes photo galleries and videos, fun videos with friends, music playlists curated by Tianna and her friend and co-founder of NEWD, Chrissy, and so much more.

Features of the app include:

– Tianna’s favorite workouts including home workouts

-Workout programs made by Tianna and others

-direct contact to Tianna

-Watch and follow along with Tianna and Chrissy while they cook (a virtual cookbook)

– Tianna’s photo shoots behind-The-Scenes

Tianna Gregory Net worth

Tianna Gregory Net worth

Tianna Gregory Net worth

Since starting her career, Tianna has become remarkably popular and has worked with many brands, including Adidas, FHM, Visual Apparel (Van Styles), Civil Clothing, Crooks & Castles, AYC, The Hundreds, Pac-Sun, DGK, and Primitive. According to reliable sources, it has been calculated that Tianna’s net worth is around 1 million US dollars and expected to grow even higher considering she actively continues her career.

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Tianna Gregory Other facts:

  • Tianna cares about her looks a lot. She has a specific diet which you can find on her blog.
  • Tianna goes to the gym regularly to stay in shape, and her exercising videos can be found on YouTube. She runs her own gym, NEWD gym in Murrieta, California.
  • She is a vegetarian.
  • Her Twitter account has around 138k followers.
  • Tianna doesn’t have a YouTube channel, but you can check out a channel called “SEXY GIRLS” and find her videos along with some other girls.
  • Tattoos:
    • Roman numbers on her shoulder which represent her grandfather’s birthday.
    • A tattoo on her left arm
    • Another one below her belly button.
    • A tattoo on her upper back – ‘I still believe…’ – which her boyfriend has tattooed the rest of the sentence – ‘Even when I don’t see.’
  • Tianna tattooed her eyebrows too
  • She has made an appearance in a short documentary movie called “The Making of Achawaii48: Annachonda Cove Hawaii 48-hr Bikini Shoot”.
  • Tianna listed number 24th amongst 30 hottest women on Snapchat.


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