Everything about Tiffany Blom that you need to know

by in Fashion Influencer, Model Influencer January 18, 2019
Everything about Tiffany Blom that you need to know

Everything about Tiffany Blom that you need to know

Who Is Tiffany Blom?

Tiffany Blom is a well known Canadian actor who has played more than 4 roles in different genres in movie industry. And today as always we give you full details on her life, carrier, social networks and etc. To begin her story, she was born in London, Ontario, Canada and she is currently living in Los Angeles looking for more influential roles to play. read the rest of our information in the content below.      

Tiffany Blom’s Carrier

As we said before she is a Canadian actress best known for her role as Natalia in the horror short drama called Recollection. But this is not her only role; she has played other roles which are impressive regardless of how small they are. She began her acting carrier with her role in drama film “Daughter of the King” as Angel. In 2015 she played in a short film named Hickey and she played the role of Ruby. She has played one main character among her experiences which is the role of Sydney in the comedy short film The Beginning. 

Tiffany Blom Appearance

Tiffany is 31 years old but we are not sure of her exact date of birth. She is 5 feet and 6 inches tall which is the same as 1.67 m and she usually weighs between 54 to 55 kg. Her hair is brown the same as her skin color and eye color. Being a Canadian and yet having a light brown skin with brown eyes are the characteristics that let her stand out. Her beautiful smile and very nice and elegant personality is what makes a lot of people fall in love with her and want to see her in more and more movies. She says that she really is passionate about her carrier and she has big dreams that she wants to make them come true.

Why Do We Love Her?

Aside being a really talented actress she also is a singer and a modal who loves working for different brands. Her beautiful voice combined with her beautiful face and amazing character attracts plenty of employers towards her, who want to hire her as their modal. Her Instagram page @Tiffany.Blom is a refreshing different page from other modals that includes many pictures of her being graceful and showing us her relaxing and pretty smile. She shares her modal experiences with a delightful face that can brighten your day up. She also has a Facebook page and Twitter account. 

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