Valeria Orsini Bio, Age, Facts

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Valeria Orsini Bio, Age, Facts

Valeria Orsini Bio, Age, Facts

Valeria Orsini

The American internationally published swimsuit, lingerie glamour, and fitness model Valeria Orsini was born on January 19, 1990, with the birth sign of Capricorn, in Atlanta, Georgia, US and was raised in Miami, Florida. Valeria Orsini is also a social media star and trains thousands of people around the world, giving dieting and workout advice online by videos, photos, and posts.

Early Years

Valeria is the daughter of a Colombian mother and a half Italian half Puerto Rican father. When she was 2 years old, her family moved to Miami, Florida, US. Therefore, Valeria spent the rest of her childhood in Miami, Florida, which was led to her passion for fitness. When she was a teenager, she became interested in boxing and began her fitness life. Even at that time, she used to upload videos from her boxing workout programs on her personal website. She gradually took more serious steps and included intense sessions of running and weight training in her everyday life. Little by little, her body changed and her visibly magnificent transformation encouraged her more and more.

Valeria in Social Media

While Valeria was enjoying carving her ideal body out, she began posting online videos so that she could help other people in doing the same magic for their bodies. In her videos, she began giving workout and dieting advice, which attracted a large number of followers and subscribers. Valeria’s fans actually observed amazing results in their bodies and therefore they followed and subscribed her in every social media platform. She was nicknamed as the “fitness queen” among her followers. Valeria Orsini has 145,000 followers on her Twitter account, 1,400 subscribers on her YouTube channel, and more than 4 million followers on her Instagram page.

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Her Professional Life

Valeria Orsini started working as a model after one of her friends, who was also a photographer, introduced her to the world of modeling. Since then, she featured on various magazine covers and has worked with great fashion houses and brands. She is currently one of the most famous models in Miami.

Much of her popularity is indebted to her shapely body. Valeria has worked extremely hard from the time when she professionally entered the fitness world. She is very well-determined. She says that if she is looking for a leaner look or a she has to do a fitness photo shoot, she focuses on doing a very intense workout program with absolute strength of mind: about an hour of cardio as well as weight training with high reps.

In normal days, she trains five times a week in the gym. For cardio sessions, Valeria enjoys doing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai. She combines strength training with weight lifting three days a week. This program preserves her toned body and muscles, and gives her a stunningly aesthetic look for which she is popular all around the world. Valeria follows no specific dieting plan. She only eats whatever is good for her body but keeps a careful eye on the portions. Usually, her daily meals include lean chicken, meat, greens and other vegetables, fish, oats, and low glycemic fruits. She also has very small portions of brown rice and sweet potatoes, every now and then.

Valeria’s Fantastic Body Status

She is 5’ 3” (160 cm) and 115 Ibs (52.2 kg). Her body measurements are 34C-24-34 inches (86C-61-86 cm). Both her dress size and shoe size are 6. She has enormous breasts, thanks to her cosmetic plastic surgery, and round well-shaped hips. Her beautiful face is a mix of Colombian, Italian, and Puerto Rican charisma. She has brown eyes and blond hair. More than having an ideal and hot body and an absolutely captivating face, she is intelligent and determined. Valeria studied Occupational Therapy in the Keiser University, which is a private and not-for-profit university in Florida. As a result of having origins in Colombia and Porto Rico, she can speak both Spanish and English.

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Other Trivia

Valeria Orsini has worked with different famous media from magazines, shows, and events to TV and radio programs and music videos. She has collaborated with Trina Ft. Flo Rida and Git Fresh in a music video for “White Girl.” She has also performed various activities and worked with different people from working with Latin Mix to swimming with sharks for “PlayBoy TV” and also being featured on the program “Bunny Talk Radio” and magazines of Nine5Four, Latin Mix Calendar, Krown, Chronicle, and Mixed. Valeria has also worked with great artists and celebrities including Trina, Flo Rida, Cam’ron, and Mon E.G., and has acted as model on fashion shows of Tara Love, Linda Zamora, and Lace to Lust.

Nothing special is reveled about her love life. However, Valeria has said that her Mr. Right should be a smart, knowledgeable, funny, protective, supportive, and down to earth man who can understand her lifestyle. She has also said that she does not kiss on the first date! Valeria is currently said to be single although she may be having secret dates. She is very wealthy and enjoys her luxurious life. She frequently posts about her expensive lifestyle on her social media. Her monthly and yearly income is estimated to be respectively 90,000 and 250,000 dollars. It is also estimated that she earn about 13,000 dollars from each of her adverting Instagram posts.


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