Virginia Fonseca Age, Bio, Instagram, Net Worth

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Virginia Fonseca Age, Bio, Height, Weight, Instagram, Net Worth

Virginia Fonseca Age, Bio, Height, Weight, Instagram, Net Worth

Virginia Fonseca

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Virginia Fonseca is a famous Portuguese Youtuber and influencer. She is one of the most famous female personalities in social media among Portuguese countries such as Portugal and Brazil. She has over 3.3 million followers on Instagram and 2.8 million subscribers on Youtube

Virginia Fonseca Personal life

Virginia Fonseca Personal life

Virginia Fonseca Personal life

She was born on April 6, 1999, in Danbury, Connecticut, United States. Virginia moved with her family to Brazil when she was 3 years old and then lived in Portugal until the age of 17. She is Catholic and currently lives in Londrina, Brazil. Regarding her nationality, she has three, American, Brazilian and Portuguese.

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She has a powerful bond with her mother, she said in a tweet that her mother is the most important woman in her life.

According to Virginia, When she was younger, her relationship with her father was terrible. Today, she says that she can’t live without him. Virginia posted a picture on Instagram, celebrating her father’s 70th birthday. She received a lot of negative comments regarding her kissing her father on the lips. It is not a very common act in their culture, but at the same time, it’s not unusual.

She has a dog named Jolie. She got a tattoo of her name with a heart and a paw on her back.

Virginia also has a cat.

Virginia Fonseca Boyfriend

She is currently dating Pedro Afonso Rezende, AKA Rezendeevil, a fellow Youtuber. Rezende is one of the most popular YouTubers in Brazil with over 23 million followers as of April 2019. The couple officially started dating in May 2018. Rezende announced the news through his Instagram page, stating:’Now It’s official!! We’re dating! I love you very much!’

Among her photos of herself, she sometimes post a photo of her boyfriend and she being together. They look really cute together and her fans and audience adore them and send them lots of love. Her boyfriend is also from Portugal ans is just like her Portuguese. She has even invited her boyfriend to feature in some of her YouTube videos and they’ve done challenges requested by her fans.

Virginia Fonseca Social Media

1- YouTube

Virginia started her YouTube channel on April, 2016; which means she only has worked on her YouTube channel for three years. Even tho she hasn’t spent much time on her YouTube channel she has gained more than 3 million subscribers. Virginia has uploaded many different types of video on her channel but the main ones include her lifestyle vlogging and tags and challenges suggested y her followers and subscribers and also DIY projects that she claims to love them.

2- Instagram

She launched her Instagram back in 2015 and been posting in it regularly. She mostly posts pictures of herself showing her belly abs or posts videos of her workout routines in gyms. Virginia gained her Instagram popularity really fast and just months after the launch of her page she reached a certain number of followers that any influencer needs to become a proper influencer. Right now she has 3.6 million followers and she has only posted 545 photos.

Virginia Fonseca Hair Style

Virginia started her fame with her dark brown hair but after a while she figured that she lacked some great sense of fashion in hair color, so she decided to dye her hair. She changed her color from dark brown to light brown and in her process of becoming famous, she has dyed her hair different colors. For some time her hair color was blonde but a few weeks ago she surprised her fans by uploading a picture of herself on Instagram with pink her, and ever since then she has been showing her beautiful pink hair in every photo that she posts on Instagram.

Virginia Fonseca Net Worth

Even tho there are no official information about her income, we estimated that in 19 she earn 100K-1M per year and her main source of income is her YouTube channel in which she advertise different products and helps her audience to learn about different products and their advantages or disadvantages. Except for YouTube she also gets paid from Instagram because now she is a middle ground influencer and has enough followers to be paid by Instagram.

Virginia Fonseca Workout

Virginia goes to gym regularly and really cares about her health and body. She says she,s been working really hard on her body and she is really proud of it, so she posts many pictures of her muscular body and post them on Instagram. Virginia also from time to time helps her friends and followers and guide them with the exercises they need to do. She says she’s been working out for a long time and now with just one look, she can write down a list of moves and exercises for people. Although Virginia just turned 20 years old, she has body of a 30 years old body builder.

Virginia Fonseca Favorite Colors

Virginia loves two colors very much, what are those colors? Black and white. If you take a close look at her photos on Instagram, she always is wearing either black or white, and to be honest those two colors suits her very well. And also back in 2016, sh entered an era of her life in which she really enjoyed wearing black clothing and black makeup. Being completely black suited her very well and it made her look like a dark angel, but after some time she took a turn and started wearing light color clothing and changed her hair color to blonde and became a light angel.

Virginia Fonseca Grand Father

Among her family members, Virginia claims to love her grand father the most. On her social media specially Instagram she doesn’t have a picture with her family members but this doesn’t go for her grand father, she loves him so much that she posts many pictures of themselves together and having fun and smiling. Recently Virginia uploaded a photo of her and her grand father, celebrating his 70th birthday, in that photo they were kissing each other and the caption says “Happy 70th birthday, I love you!
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Virginia Fonseca and Her Famous Association

Virginia is a close friend of Maria Venture, who is another famous Portuguese YouTube star just like her. They both post lifestyle vlogs on their YouTube pages and from time to time they feature in each other videos or comment on each other photos on Instagram and other social media that they have. They both have also posted pictures with each other along side their other friends on Instagram.

Virginia Fonseca In One Look

In the table below, we have gathered all the basic information that you need to know about Virginia Fonseca, Hope you enjoy!

Birthday April 6th, 1999
Birth Place Danbury, Connecticut, United States
Age 20
Current Residence Portugal
Birth Sign Aries
Occupation YouTube Star
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Light Brown
Favorite Color Black, White
Ethnicity American, Brazilian, Portuguese

Virginia Fonseca Social Media In One Look

In the table below, we have gathered all Virginia Fonseca’s social media for you, hope you enjoy!
Instagram @virginia
Twitter @Virgfonseca
Facebook Virginia Fonseca
YouTube Virginia Fonseca

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