Wuzzam Supa Age, Height, Weight, Wiki, Family, Makeup, Net Worth, Social Media

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Wuzzam Supa Age, Height, Weight, Wiki, Family, Makeup, Net Worth, Social Media

Wuzzam Supa Age, Height, Weight, Wiki, Family, Makeup, Net Worth, Social Media

Wuzzam Supa

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Personal life


The Crayon Case


Raynell Steward, also known as Wuzzam Supa, is an American Cosmetic Line Owner, Music Manager, Clothing Boutique Creative Director, and Social Media Trendsetter touches base with her followers by sharing tales about her own life. She hosts and organizes events in her hometown and other cities. She has about 1.5 million followers on Instagram and was also big on Vine.

Wuzzam Supa Personal life

Supa grew up in uptown of New Orleans, Louisiana. She experienced tough times during Middle school which she was the victim of bullying. Being bullied used have a depressing effect on her, so in order to stand up to bullies, she thought of jokes about them. Her roasting style of comedy led her to become popular among her peers.

She lived in a house with her sister and mom. Regarding her father, Supa has said that he was somewhat absent, though they still had a good relationship.

Supa’s fiance is louis leagea.


She has a daughter named Lea and a son named Tre.


Supa has a wonderful relationship with her mother. She posted a picture for her 57th birthday and said: “I love you so much. You raised me to be a Queen. That means so much to me. You worked morning to night shifts to take care of us and keep a roof over our head. You protected us from babies to teenagers. I thank you for that. I’ll forever take care of you because you forever take care of us. Love you so much mommie.”



Wuzzam Supa Career

For many years, Supa worked as a waitress and a housekeeper.

“You may have a good day, and you may have a bad day. Also you may earn the rent and you may not,” she said. “You may have to work on holidays and pick up extra shifts and miss your son’s birthday.”

Wuzzam Supa Career Biography

Wuzzam Supa Career Biography

In 2017, she took a leap and launched “The Crayon Case,” a makeup line. Now, she has 20 staff somewhere in New Orleans.

“Don’t hate on yourself. Along with your journey, many people are going to tell you what you can’t do and what you shouldn’t do,” she said. “Don’t be that person to yourself,” Supa told WDSU

The Crayon Case

Wuzzam Supa has turned viral videos into a million-dollar cosmetic company. Supa is the founder and CEO of the Crayon Case cosmetics.

The Cryon Case is a cosmetic line dedicated to amateur make-up users and aspiring make-up artists. Intending to inspire all people to treat their face as a blank canvas, as they attempt to make the ultimate invention of their personal masterpiece.

Entrepreneurship has grown amazingly, no longer fitting an average standard. Wuzzam Supa would definitely not be thought of as a typical CEO/Founder.

The New Orleans native started her magical climb to entrepreneurship, by merely being her true self via her social media outlets. Her comedic timing, raw and unfiltered opinions, left strong impressions on many, causing an influx to her following, and opening up the door for her creative journey.

A memorable moment for Supa was her hilarious debut on Kitchen Nightmares (2011) where she candidly expressed her views on her then Employer with Chef Gordon Ramsey. She handled his intense critics and personality with ease. This encounter sparked a viral hashtag #Cookingwith Supa where she shares tips and tricks for culinary and expressed.

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These valuable opinions sparked the interests of some very famous Production corporations, landing Supa on All Def Digital in 2016. Following that many offers for Reality TV Productions came to Supa. Her respected opinions help her start “Da Soup Kitchen” Podcast, where Supa and close friends shared their unfiltered views on current events, and personal life circumstances.

Wuzzam Supa is not only recognized for her sense of humor, but for her uncommon, and unique Parenting. Supa featured on BET, Vibe, Fader, and Essence and others, After a video clip of her teaching Tre, her Son, how to protect himself from bullying with the use “Roasting” or “Ribbing went viral. Monica, the R&B Singer, immediately felt a bond, and personally approached her, praising her parenting skills and passionate personality. They have since partnered their Brands.

Early on in her Career and after resiliently being mentored by Jessica Dupart (DaRealBBJudy), most known for her strategic, smart, tactical and robust marketing skills, Supa understood the importance of branding. This teachings helped blossom and motivated Supa’s opinions on her Brand.

Early 2017, Supa became involved in the world of beauty and makeup. She worked tirelessly to build and develop The Crayon Case. The Crayon Case, a safe haven for an amateur make-up artist and newbies to the make-up world, has taken Social Media by storm.

Supa will never agree to what people assume a Social Media Personality should be, making her more loved and appealing. The success of her cosmetic products proved that Supa is determined and unrelenting to be the best at all she achieves.


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